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This Misdirection is Sponsored By...

Well you get to see who if you read the comic :)

yours, 2lions



with this the comic died


what aracersss said.

lost all respect.


Been following since the early days and this one is probably the worse panel i've seen. :S One of the reasons its me being portuguese!!!!

Stampers Saverem


Stop the Insanity!!!

Or "Misdirect" Justin Bieber into Portugal, whichever......


the pain.. the pain... make it stop...


Uros, Borislav, what makes this so offensive IS the lack of humor. It's simply not funny, not clever, not consistent. Please take a break from the comics and come back with something the viewers can get into, something akin to the classic Gladiator series.


I've been a loyal reader for years, but this is the end. Do you wish to avoid people begging for more "teh gladiators" by scaring away your fans? Well, this panel did a great job on that! If you want to quit, just say so, it has been a great time, I often laughed out loud and I'd be fine with a "I quit" but this sh*t is unacceptable.


Joking on two of the most digusting topics to date being the assasination of JFK and Bieber has caused a permanent dent on the series... If you dont want to continue just stop. But dont take on this road of shitty filler panels...


rofl at all the drama, it's been ages since I've had fun reading the comments on a web comic xD


wtf is this sh*t?


I have to agree with the comments above. I loved your original teh gladiator series and the orc stuff was quite nice as well, but this new series do not really have a plot and are not funny. You have proven that you can do much better than this. Please don't piss off your faithful followers

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Teh Gladiators / The Gladiators
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