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A Grandly Sloppy Entrance

So I've had a chance to check out the Warrior talents for Cataclysm for the first time. I'm liking the philosophy that Blizzard is applying. Basically offering a clearer and more straightforward path to allocating your points, while keeping the skills all fairly appealing and relevant. Yes, you could say they are dumbing down the talent trees concept, but, you know what, sometimes having more choices doesn't necessarily translate into a better gaming experience.

Although, on a more fundamental level, one could say that my initial attraction to WoW was born from the amazing amount of choices I had in tailoring my character to a particular playstyle I preferred. It became an obsession over time, one I don't particularly miss since I stopped playing. But, it was mostly in the early years when the game still felt fresh to me.

yours, 2lions




Poor old Spin


153's last panel = priceless.


He is in deep trouble :P


Why did it have to end like this? cant wait for the next pannel... expecting something epic :)


I really hope the gods finally figured out their spreadsheets, if not Spin's buddy will need to find a new steak to gnaw on.


Am I the only one hearing that Metal Gear Solid alert sound like 50 times? lmao


Poor Spin... And his Tauren hooves. At least he may learn to fight here!

And I hear em too, murlocserz!


I always said it and ill say it again: Gnomes are trouble.


awww nooooes spin....whirl you're bumper sticker around,whirlwind attack :P


Massive aggro :D

I love the wtf faces of the dragons


aaah psycho gnome xD


so spin's finally gonna get some pwn
well that or get eaten...


i agree about the Catas talent trees - if it gets rid of the crap that we don't use, then awesomesauce. I personally look forward to it.

Great comic btw. Spin FTW!


How is the Vallant clone attuned? And for that matter, Vallant and Spin? How are they attuned when they are so innept?


"Holy Cow"? Is that a subtle reference that ol' Spin is in fact a priest?

It could happen ;)


LOL, gawd, i hope he gets infused with the power of a shaman....a few totems, fire elemental, and chain lightning wouldn't hurt


“It became an obsession over time”

I've never seen one sentence describe WoW so perfectly. It's an amazing game that - almost vampirish in its ability to suck the life right out of you.


Should be !s but this IS a mirror universe. WoW has never become anything more than a hobby I can't be consistent with for me.


the choice of talent in wow was always an illusion
you always had to foolw a certain "best" spec to deal with each situation. Any more freedom results in people with less knowledge makigna less than optimal spec and then having to resort in copying others


this is why tauren aint no rogues lol


At least he'll get his "Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy!" Achievement.


nah he will need to kill at least 50 welps for that but i see the dragons gona have tauren burgers tonight hmm yiamy


pour dragons, "smoked" taunren aint that nice i think, not even on a burger

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