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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: A Lost Tale..
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A Lost Tale..

On How Alliances Are Forged, Broken and Re-forged

yours, 2lions




Yay, a new story! I hope it's as good as the last one. Unless its a story inside a story. Either way, woo!


w00t!!! IT'S STILL ALIVE!! >:D

@Thundersnow: I'm really glad you chose to start a new tale. The journey of TehGladz has been awesome, but their story has been, let's be honest, quite stretched by now. I'm really looking forward to your next Warcraft-lore based comic!
I think I speak on behalf of all of your readers: Thanks you for your endless work and awesome comics! :) Aka'Magosh!


yay, new story!


To be honest, Teh Gladiators lost a bit of their magic when they hit Cataclysm the first time.
I loved their story at the begining and how they managed to win all their matches in arena (those were pure gold) but I agree with above. I welcome the new story arc or the new story in story or new story in story in story.

By now, we don't realy know any more :D


Maybe we will se some scenes from teh gladiators but some other view from time to time.

Maybe these brothers try out arena for a moment!

Tho bummer spin never got a class in the end :D


Noes :(

But it does seem to bring up The Lost Levels of Mario :p

.... and Spin is a priest.


One legend ends, another one begins. Legends never die.


Umm...the site is tehgladitators.com...

How can it be teh gladiators without...teh gladiators...

Redundancy ftl...


The fuck? If i wanted stories about tauren i would look up Oxhorn or World of Warcraft, Eh? comics -_-


Hey, guys. In the end, for any storyteller (even as confusing and bad one as myself) inspiration is key. I have, unfortunately, lost some wind with Teh Glads and have decided, instead of quitting on you, to illustrate a story I've written a while back.

"A Lost Tale" is a lot more focused and coherent than Teh Gladiators, although fairly different in its nature. Nonetheless, it was done with a lot of inspiration behind it and I'm hoping to translate some of that energy on to you. Cheers!


@Thundersnow Atleast think about gladiators? Who knows if you catch inspiration? Well im atleast waiting for new (or old) story to begin.


Epic! Just epic!! *tries to FFWD to sunday*


I've been reading this comic since like the beginning, and never felt like wanting to post a comment, but i had to make one to say that I'll really... really... REALLY gonna miss the original characters (Mainly Vallant) if they don't appear from now on; I got too atached to them, but I'm happy that you've found a new story and inspiration; Good Luck! I know this will be a great story!


Oooh! Ooooh! Make the main character a brewmaster!

Deadlyz The Rogue

Is it Spin getting his class finally?


a new story!!! and about time too, but i still love the orc and his party, i hope they bring dreanai in the story this time ,they werent even introduced in the last story


ive been waiting for hours... need... new... comics...

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