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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: A March Through Death and Desolation
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A March Through Death and Desolation

Every situation has to be approached the right way.

Nice kitty, here kitty...

yours, 2lions



im getting worried 'bout the old cow,but i do miss teh gladiators.I wanna see one epic shot from Vallant ...


Awesome post this week. I'm starting to feel the despair the cow must have by now. Just wondering where this story-line is going... Seems a bit "dark".


Bet that cat is Grumwaid, Hoosah brother, the fat cow.Poor Hossah poisoned mind. Hope he will be OK.

Doc Lithius

That's right. Just ignore the dislocated Moonwell in front of you. Act on primary instinct instead. XP


It was said at the beginning. This comic wasn't programmed to be funny.

And man.. I am glad it's like this.

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