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A Spin and A Dance

Butterflies. Pretty butterflies. Lots and lots of pretty butterflies. Look at the butterflies swarm around the apple tree, their orange wings and black spots painting a furious tango of shades with the deep green leaves. I see myself with my arms open, spinning within the heart of this fuzzy colorful cloud. My feet dip into the growing pile of vanilla ice cream on the ground. Is that a song I hear? Yes, it's the song of my fleeting reason cowering in the face of the tactile and visual onslaught before me.

All of a sudden, the butterflies swoosh away into the darkening sky. The apple tree is no more and my toes are falling through the cracks of brown, barren land where once there was vanilla ice cream. I hear the sound of the howling wind as a chill (not of the moving air) runs through my spine. I look around me frantically, and I'm standing in a place -- soulless, devoid of warmth.

I sit down on the ground, cuddle up with my knees to my chest and my arms around them, and I start going through my head as to how I'd set up Wrath of the Lich King talents for my Warrior. Should I go with Bladestorm or some sort of Arms/Fury hybrid build?

Suddenly, a butterfly with orange wings and black spots lands on my shoulder. Look, the butterflies are coming back.

yours, 2lions



lol, this is getting better each time :-) thanks and keep up the good work


New shamy wotlk ability: atomic wedgie- blinds the target for 20 sec until yolanda slaps u out of it :P


LoL Spin is castin Huricane, his runing around is just cover up


I tend to think Yolanda and Sharon will show us their combat potential...And that cyclone idea seems plausible.


Trust me, guys, you should just give up on trying to figure out what happens next :)


What happens next - they win in some flukey manor... again


I think I know what Spin should do against Veron.

Grab his nosering and try to rip it off. :P


bur stari....samo nastavi tako ;)


Poor Spin! Evil murloc made him go spin >.


:'( my last day in placement today, teh gladiators ritual I often practiced will now be forgotten no more F5 damn it broke of, right click refresh update damn you lol.
Guess I am a student again, woooh more WoW methinks. Thanks for helping me through the placements thunder and lions :D I hope I can still read the comic in Uni on fridays.


I call for a steam tank, or some other crazy siege engine =)
Since it is completely outlandish (created through alchemy out of a druid), it just might happen...

P.S: recently built a rather sick (imho) build for my friend's warrior for pvp/arena in WotLK that i can link if you'd like =)


We'll end up with Spin becoming a death knight and plows his former oppresors and than makes dumb "I want BRAAAIIIINS" ghouls out of them :D

... or maybe he will just pop shamanistic rage and do something like being posesed by a demon ;) heh , who knows
edit > what do you think thundersnow ? will we see any DKs before wotlk ? please :)


Hillarious (again)!!!
Keep up the good work (Samo nastavi majstore :D)

Offtopic: Spec Bladestorm, Deathwish's gonna lose the fear counter anyhow, so it aint gonna be so useful in pvp. BS on the other hand... *whistle* Immunity to fears, stuns, incapitates and all kinda stuff + a buncha damage... ME WANTS ON MY WARR :P


I only see the the first row and the half of tyhe second so i can skip ahead. And i got excited about that slap and then . . . I laughed SO hard. I love Spin ^ ^. And why does he after all those years still have the same undies?

But quit stalling and gives us his class : p


Spin is gonna "Cyclone" 'em! While the murlocs beat them down 1 by 1, except the other Hunter, that Trevor will bite to death :D.

Spec: go for Bladestorm at least until testers can clarify it's full PvP potential. And AVOID Endless Rage, aint worth it. I wouldn't be surprised to see Warriors walking around 51/20/0 for a while.


dit u guys notice that the murlocks dident had eyelashews or how u call those thinks around the eye in the previus episodes and they got em after we learn they ar girls jast a notice :D

english skill 178/350


support you forever

English sikilil:1/350


ima guess this time :)
Gorrok's Lionheart champion got hooked by Spin's undie and Bladestorming everyone away by accident.

anyway your comic is awesome!


Spin's head is gonna explode,dealing unknown amounts of damage and killing everything in a 29.9 yard radius.


Eh normally I read these and chuckle with joy, this one just didn't do it. Oh well


It's obvious that Spin is finally going to cast his first spell on next episode :)


Maybe he'll be a warrior? Cuz you know how much warriors like staffs for execute and junk right?


OMG yolanda hast blue spots on the last picture of her ...

Keep up the good work guys ... this comic is great :)


It's friday... :)


C'mon guys,it's not funny anymore...we are dieing here for new episode :D

Ajmo komsije,brze malo :)


Oh, come on... WTB new episode. /w me plz :P


oooh gogo im still waiting for new episode! PLEASE GO! :D


my F5 is broken i think :-(


Ok this is taking to long.
Admit u are out of ideas. that's why u are taking so long


Haha! Love it how he's so worked up and ambitious and in the next panel he has his pants over his face! Brilliant.


omg im spamming my f5 like insane :D gib new episode!!!


Come on already, your killing us, i've spent less time queqing for a 2on2 arena match.. on a tuesday!


i waiting here all day it's 6.27 pm now in my country


well,i really do hope it will be online till next episode :)


Right, I'm beginning to feel like that guy with the morning vodka just now... neeeeed... updaaaate... noooow...


-Curls in corner, shivering- need...weekly...fix of teh gladiators...


maybe they forgot it's Friday :D

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