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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: An Epic Charge Ends in Tears
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An Epic Charge Ends in Tears

OK, let me give you a bit of background on today's panel. Basically, thing is, the cable company sends Vallant two types of cable bills: one is purely for the "standard package" TV subscription, including the Discovery Channel and some obscure local TV stations, while the other covers the proper pay-per-view content. You see, the problem is that for some GODF&*!#ING reason, the only bill that Vallant ever receives is for the standard package, so how is Vallant EVER supposed to pay for the pay-per-view stuff if he never gets the bill?! The pay-per-view stuff has all the best sports channels - you know, the stuff Vallant loves watching, and when Vallant hasn't been playing his favorite game for three months (and counting), naturally, Vallant gets a little pissed at the cable company for depriving him of that, albeit, mildly effective remedy.

At dawn, at the frozen lake, Vallant and select employees of the cable company meet. They stare at each other across the icy water. Steam billowing out of their nostrils - like a pack of snow buffaloes - they pounce and come thundering down over the massive dry ice.

Without flinching, Vallant lets out a shrill cry, charging at the infernal employees of the cable company - a charge so righteous it burns the word "justice" into the ice as he rushes across the frozen lake bed. Likewise, the cable company employees, maddened by years of bad support and customer abuse, gallop at Vallant in their blind fury, looking for subscriber blood.

There, that's today's panel in a nutshell.

yours, 2lions




pure epic! :3


pure epic! :3


*giggles* and... pure epic! :3


and another Vallant bites the dust...


pure epic! :3


nice one :-)


Pure epic :3


I have to say, there are A LOT of "A" in this comic


You killed Leeroy Jenkins!



There are exactly 41 Aīs in this comic.

Also: pure epic! :3


So humans can do an orc charge too? :D


vallant has double Class !

Warrior-Hunter. !

Epic charge really :P


I wish hunters could mele with rifles...


ok I've got a theory :
Megatron, after his defeat in Egypt, went back to his base and started thinking about a new army that could wipe out the Autobots, thus he went to Azeroth and got the DNA from the best shooter there was : Vallant Eagle Eye.
After that, he started the fusion between humain DNA and his hate, but the clones were like "yeah what ever, we don't care about a few vehicules, we want to do cross roads raiding, see ya pal".
So I'm telling you, Megatron is the responsible!


I wonder what the gnomes are in this alter reality !


/hate cable-companies :(
I payed for 50mbit for awhile, instead I got 5! >< xD
edit: Trevor and Luke for the win! rofl! =D


Damn cable company!


I laughed alot about story of Vallant and cable company - this is a just great!) I love it)


Vallant vs. Multiple Vallant = win ? :P


mighty and readfull, yes he is xD


vallant running with his gun XD epic


pure epic!:3


pure epic!:3
(im the 8th person who said that, in case anny1 cares)
gun charge rulez!


So the vallants horde gonna find thereselves on the highest peak too?


Papa ! no !!! Papa !!!!!!!! I cry ;(


Vallant to the 50, the 40, the 30, the 20, the 10! THE 5! Oh my goodness... Denied at the 1 yard line, balls out, Orcs recover! I don't think he's getting up from that one Thundersnow. What a hit.

... What do you mean it's not a football game?


Vallant tried to knockout a bunch of cable employees with a stick?? =) well thats not just "epic", thats truelly f...n uber-heroic! ;D


I wonder if the underground water will put out the fire on Leeroy back...


i feel there is an aspect only one more guy really payed attention too, and should be given proper credit: Trevor and Luke, desperately hanging from Valiants hair as he charges :D EPICZ


Am I the only one thinking the little story could be something that happened in the authors RL? (without the employee killing and stuff) :D


They are speaking in AAA!

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