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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: And Then He Saw the Cubs...
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And Then He Saw the Cubs...

He'd rather not kill the little ones than live. Quite commendable and a noble moment in the story. That said, am I a hypocrite for coming up with this turn of events?

I hear baby lion's gooood eatin'.

yours, 2lions



And thus the cow was chow.


cow mix? doesnt seem as interesting as meow mix...
How would the song go?
Cowcowcowcowcowcowcowcowcowcowcowcow? Or,


This.. is.. awesome.


Nobody plays Wow anymore. Let this die. You did a great job.
And youre comic was fantastic. but. stop while the game is fun instead of when everyone hates it.


I have a question to all the people that bitch about this comic being to slow: Are you all the the same people that when they annonced mists of pandaria you raided the forums with " WoW is dying" and your threats to quit the game?

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