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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: And Then The Big Crash Ensued
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And Then The Big Crash Ensued

Wow, talk about a bad landing...

yours, 2lions



This new story is getting more interesting, week after week.

Poor undead horse, hope it's bones are numbered for easy reasemble.


So what was his initial plan exactly?


Now your just getting lazy. 2 frames please


Tauren undead, will take his revenge at some point. Then he will save the day and come to an aid to TB and his cow bro.


Come Midnight, let us crush this petty rabble together! .... *Blinks* .... *Checks watch* .... *Stares around* .... *Several hours later* Ergh? Midnight?


first tauren death knight?
also, btw i agree with cputtre in a way. the story is moving really slow. imho, it feels like im watching a movie in 5 minute increments once a week.


Did he just slay mighty undead horde singlehanded?


I still think the windrider would have been a much better... logical choice


For a moment there I thought he was getting a softer landing and at the same time a new mount!



There are no more windriders :p

HORSEY! NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOO.. oh wait it's not black! Ain't mine. /care off


I hate making my first post negative, however, this is so moving so slowly, It took a month between the two characters standing on the same cliff to where one actually jumped off that cliff. I really do want to like this comic (as I like the last one) but please move the story forward and get rid of the utterly random filler slots.


I am thinking of a DK Tauren

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