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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: At Least I Had Chicken...
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"At Least I Had Chicken..."

As I write this, my spine feels it's being stepped on by an angry rhino. Thing is, sports injuries are a pain in the ass, especially when they are old and they reappear at the most inopportune times.

I know, this has absolutely nothing to do with the comic, but that's how I operate. I essentially start off with whatever the hell is on my mind.

That said, to get back to the comic, we've sort of built it up in the previous episode and now we show why exactly Leeroy's teammates decided to lock him up in a cage. The man's an animal. I'm still not unsure though, whether I should show the rest of that match or not; to be honest, I'm inclined to do it, so I just might.

We'll see, depending on what sort of reaction this episode gets. We've already prepped the storyboard for the next one, but I'm sort of letting it go with the flow.

yours, 2lions



1st hehe :D
nice one, reminds me of the leeroy video


pally in valor set ftw :P my druid has dreadmist set back in the old time


Awesome! arena version of the original video. and it reminds me of my ObS run a few days ago...don't ask.


yet again a great comic:) thanks


Well this time they didn't try to help him
great one


Dammit i wasnt first just because i didnt have account yet -.-

Nice comic:)


ahahah)))) Leeeeerooooooooy)))


Isn't it supposed to say 33.3% chance instead of 33.3 chance?


nice one, but he should say: "Allright chumps im back, lets do this, LEeeeeeroy jenking.."


lal :D..
what will happen the next week?:P


LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEROY ... Nice one !! cant w8 next week ofc :D


hmmm...considering the next page...a few smoke puffs and trails of battle would be nice...with everyone dead in the end also with ''Leroy you are just stupid as hell''
now...its time to wait for next monday


OMG this 1 was funny as hell, show us the next part of the battle!


nice one, cant wait till next week :P


The comic is great so far but are you running out of ideas or something? Every self-respected WoW player knows who's Leeroy and what he did, so this is kinda old. I say continue with the story without the rest of the match.

p.s. Leeroy has nothing to do with the arenas anyway...


mmh in dungeon set 1 they wouldn't have more than... 4-8k max hp and 0 resilience. So would assume its a suicide squad :) (looking the jenkins apart).


LOL I knew his phrase about chicken was about to come xD

Nice one!


just to reply on def1nity :) when we watch football and a player makes a mistake, suddenly all the 50000 ppl watching the match know how to play better then him ! when a coach do somethin wrong...all know how to coach better then him ! tbh...go make a comic like this one and then u can QQQQQQ all the time u want. and for the author :) u really are talented mate. "cheer"


where did the paper go in the 5th panel? besides i think times UP is better.


sorry for double post. i thought it was a R but it was P my bad :P


OMG! That staff I recognize!!!
Its Benediction but shouldnt it be yellow?


that warrior should use Arcanite Reaper!!! haaaa!


It should be Demoralizing Shout
error in frame 2 "...then we can basically use Commanding Shout to pull the Rogue out of stealth..."
Using Commanding Shout would buff the team's hit points, using Demoralizing Shout would force an enemy Rogue to unstealth.


Obvious! but great =D
I think you should sketch the fight aswell.

ps: don't forget the eggs :P... :P


TYPO: You said "Commanding" shout (which is the buff) instead of "Demoralizing" Shout (which is the unstealther shout). You fail as a Warrior.



Echoes from eh past , Yells our resent for a quick glmip of teh Future xD



I can imagine a re-make of Leeroy Jenkins' classical Video.

"Leeroy Jenkins at the Obsidian Sanctum 3+"


Guys u rly have a talent at drawing cartoons. Your first comics made me rolf, but unfortunatly not last comics (including this 1). It looks good, but he lacks humour, spirit... that quelque chose that made your site different from others and fun ... sry to said, but this comic sux compared with #9-11 for example. PS: I apreciate your effort, I admire your devotion, but u may be need to improve it (my opinion). Best regards!


The best episode is #12


I deeply understand why the author hates sport injuries...the one I got, dropped me out of my team, thereby I lost sponsorship, and a fat ammount of payment...


Great, but
Leerooy Was a dwarf, wasn't he?


heh i can associate with sports injuries... was a tight end in highschool and during community college till i suffered a severe knee injury that ended any hopes of a career in football and any hopes of sponsorships. Only 18 at the time (now 24) and I still can't really use that leg for anything strenous such as long running or standing. It sucks but thats life for ya, its a major reason I've picked up video gaming as a hobby, it helps me forget the pain when it comes and also it doesn't require the use of the leg. Do I miss football? Hell ya... Anyone that got hurt in the sport and could no longer play would very likely tell you the same thing.

Tough it through bud, love your comics!


"depending on what sort of reaction this episode gets."

I don't mean to be negative, but I didn't laugh at the last two Leeroy comics.
Just so ya' know.



But an idea would be {Target/Lich King}{/End(Wipe)}

"depending on what sort of reaction this episode gets."

Its your will...
But I think it would be great to skip the whelp-wipe. :P


ZOMG originality

i LOVE it


hey is that 5v5 arena?

Destroyer Lord

THis is pure awesomeness I love this. Mega lols. Leeroy is Awesome, even if I don't play WOW as I just can't get into it.


next!!! NEXT!!! :D


omg its really good :D

please try to update twice per week (or more) :P


owsome comic

off topic




I like you comic and read it each week, you do a really good job

but I have to say that this one was not funny, everybody wich has already seen the original Leroy movie already know the story, so this episode was predictable and in my point of view useless. Personnally, I dont need to see what happen next, I would prefer to see the continuation of the main plot.



Well, thanks for the feedback, guys. To a degree I agree with both sides. I can understand why someone would find the Leeroy stuff predictable, but to me, it was just a funny moment to have in the comic.

That said, I did decide to sort of put closure on this Leeroy cameo and we'll do that with the next episode. Yes, some of it is predictable, but I still like it. It's sort of an homage of sorts to the whole Leeroy phenomenon that I really liked.

As far as the comic's "main story," I do feel you on that one. I have it all fleshed out more or less and I do want to continue. I'm just taking a little break from it with these Arena match mini-episodes.

If you guys stick around there will be something for everyone :)



Personally the previous episode made me laugh just because of the reference to Leroy but this episode felt unneeded because anybody who got the Leroy reference didn't NEED to see what happened in the arena. We already know Leroy is a failadin. Unless you can pull out an amazingly amusing defeat for the next one it might just be better to move on and make Leroy talk about some really messed up injury that makes the other characters quirk a brow.


Btw for the record, it's not "Alright guys, time's up." it is "alright, thumbs up"


Hahaha i loved the last scene where they just stand there gawking in amazement at what is happening and 'Blink'... Then the HOAGH Pow! LMAO That is just hillarious! :)


is leeroy a dwarf or a human?

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