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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: Attack of the Spin-Snatchin' Vallant Clone
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Attack of the Spin-Snatchin' Vallant Clone

So this week we have two fairly slow panels which depict the manner in which our heroes get to the sunken Temple of Ahn'Qiraj. What happens is that Gorrok, knowing the creatures' great affection for crab cake, uses the last piece to lure the Spin-snatchin' Vallant clone away from Spin's behind, thus allowing the gang to paddle faster to their destination. Little do they know that their assumptions as to the location of the once sand-covered temple are off. After all, even though it doesn't show in the panels, Vallant has been unusually adamant in acting as the party's navigator. Needless to say, his spatial skills are only outmatched by his complete inability to hit the target.

Also, if I may make an unrelated comment regarding the ongoing World Cup in South Africa. To whomever it was that thought those blasted horns that buzz like angry bees throughout the entire match are fun and "original", I have to say, you, sir... or madame... need to forever ban yourself from making another sound by blowing air through anything that should modify its flow in a way which would produce that annoying, dull and ungodly irritating tone you may (for some inane reason) find entertaining.

May you be eaten by a hungry pack of mad laughing hyenas (should you lose that horn and hence fail to chase them off with the angry bee sound).

yours, 2lions




I knew it by the way ... it had to be underwater i mean desert .. also, pleeeeasee let the spiders-bug-ish things be seahorses
and let cthun be blind or make him look like the beholder... im talking too much.. ill stop now


SECOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! interesting..hope they returned to azeroth..unless THEYRE GONNA KILL ARTHAS?


I like turtles :D


those horns on the african cup aren't that bad, saw the match between australia and germany where there weren't enough of them to make the "hive sound" and it kinda sounded nice :)

anyways, wasn't expecting this continuing of the comic :)


must.. get.. crab cake... oops! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH


wow i love how the love of crab cake is expressed in these comics lol


I live in South Africa and those horns (vuvuzelas) can be a real pain in the ass. You think they are bad during the game? Try listening to them for about 2 days non stop leading up to every game and/or anything connected to the world cup. Lol. Anyway, just my 2 cents. Love the comic and all that jazz.


LOL angry bees...

You crack me up mate.


crew is goin down teh drain! gr8 page! and make cthun blind or get him some glasses!


Hi all. Long time reader, first time posting.
I just want to say what a great comic this is and i have a question. Who is the other human in this page?


YAY, the clone still alive!!!


They should have seen that coming.


i think those horns mimic the sound of a mating call for bees >_> they are swarming around my house!damn you economy!


Hmmm, dark ruins underwater...
Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu (C'Thun) R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn?


Err, what?


been following your comics for ages. WoW got old though, and i moved on to League of Legends. you can play FOR FREE, download it here:



i am 1000000000% sure that is the SUNKEN TEMPLE it at least suits it's name now :D


They have entered the instance and door is closed?
Are they alone with teh c'thun and it's minions?

Arthas, King of livings is really a good idea :)


rofl this is perfect,C'thun dose look a bit like a kraken...


If they do wind up going to arthas would it be the burning throne? (how would that even work o.O)


its monday allreaddy, wheres the comic? ._.
time zone GMT+2 1:19


The evil facebook panel covers the navigation arrows, I could barely get here, had to get the help of Aardvark, and when here there isn't a new paaaaage :'(


Gimme new comic plx


When reading page 140's last panels, I swore I heard a distinct Legend of Zelda sound. The one that is made when you solved a puzzle.


Crab Cake, still crunchy after submerged for minutes in the Ocean of Silithus!

Order your stack now at 0800 - CRAB CAKE (2722 2253)

Also gets rid of wild humans clamped to your butt


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