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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: Boys Catch Food for Pit Thing!
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Boys Catch Food for Pit Thing!

You see, the thing is...

yours, 2lions



Still enjoying this new story ^.^


I love it too.


Hey guys, just so cputtre doesn't have to, I'm gonna complain for him: I hate this comic. The story is just too slow for me and WoW is dying as we speak. I don't why I come to this website and complain about maybe it's because I have nothing better to do. I just wanted to let you all know for the 45th time that I really hate this comic.

On a side note, can't wait to see what this "thing" is. Keep up the good work!!


This comic is too slow!! I hate it!


My guess is, and I think everyone already would have guessed it, the pit "thing" is the small kitten/babyferaldruid


Long time listener, first time caller ;)

Must say I really enjoy your comic and it's (slow) pace. It always makes me want more and makes me wonder what comes next, and to me that's what makes a good comic! :)
And I also quite like the new and darker turn the comic has taken - it seems more serious and more thought through.
Keep up the good work! :)

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