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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: Breaking Out of Stealth
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Breaking Out of Stealth

There are various ways that you can break stealth in the arenas. A well-timed Demoralizing Shout will pull any rogue out of stealth. A Piercing Howl is good too, the kind you get if you listen to Justin Timberlake songs really loud. In fact, I'm pretty sure Justin Timberlake would pull any rogue out of stealth with his voice, or, at the very least, would cause a ticking bleeding effect in their ears which would prevent them from successfully vanishing.

Which is ironic, since some people actually pay to listen to that guy in concerts.

It's also said that a well-timed (and well-placed) Demoralizing Shout can actually turn many things to your favor -- an argument with your wife or girlfriend for example. More so than having any aggro reducing skills, I would prefer a Demo shout, or at the very least a silencing effect.

For example, I just found some full Vengeful Shaman that's willing to play with me in the 2v2 bracket and I can't play because the wife and the kid are literally on my back trying to drag me into the sunlight, to discover the joys of socializing in the park on a sunny day. Morally, they got the upper hand on me, but deep down, the geekiest part of my being is cursing the clouds for becoming all white and fluffy.

Instead of a Demo shout, the wife seems to have mastered the Commanding shout (she has hers improved too it seems) so now she and the kid have the moral upper hand as well as more stamina than me. I'm screwed. Park it is then.

See you next week, guys!

yours, 2lions



"What the hell is going on here?" Man i died laughing :P


omg unbelievable! i also like those comments they rock! especially that lag thing :P


Heh, Gorrok's patented stealth-detection technique. Seemed amusing in my head and it turned out all right :)


I fell off my chair when i saw tha face of Gorrok after he accidently thrusted his sword into the neck of the rogue:)


Also:The comment was very funny,along with Vallant when he pulled Trevor out of the ground


I like most how Spins continues`s to hit the dead body of hte 1st rogue :D


these comics dont update soon enough!


HAHAHA, i can hardly wait for next one! Simply brilliant!


For someone who is supposed to be a famous arena trainer he sure doesn't seem to know alot about them. Or didn't he read up on the class "Rogue" :p.


Heh, let's just say he was "impressed" with the way Spin and Vallant got the first two out of stealth :)


...ROFL,pro job m8 ;)


rly liked your saga! Be continuated!
I promote your comic to french wow gamers:)



Odlično :D


LOL, i just read through all of the comics and now my wife is ready to call the pshycs on my ass. Reading and laffing with the wife present and wondering why she isnt laffing with you might be weird. Who cares, awesome stuff.

TehBeast 4 Prez


Aaahahah! nice guys nice !


LOL, strip je zbilja legendaran.
Hoćemo još!


hahaha i love the murlocs! Oh... as funny as it would have been he isn't beating the rogue with his stick, he's pulling it out of the rogues head. Oh... And why the hell are those murlocs dragging off the druid? hahaha




...OCEMO JOS!!!! :P


Bogofil, Spin doesn't keep hitting the first rogue, he just pulls out his stave.

P.S.: i love the comments !


Btw,How did the druids come out of stealth?


Love the face of the first druid when he noticed they lost stealth. And as to why the murlocs drag the kitty druid... Not sure i want to know. :D


Maybe Val flared by mistake?


and I think the murlocsp lan on having the kitty for dinner


Im wondering how a bullet bounced off a rat.




Im offended. Mutilate was just as good as Hemo back then played by the right rogue.. But on the other had if they are dagger rogues of anything but mutilate.. yeah, they suck. LOL.


Heya new reader here :) And how did the feral kitties came out of stealth? Just wondering.

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