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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: Bungie! But Where is the Rope?
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Bungie! But Where is the Rope?

Our waterfall is the biggest and baddest waterfall you'll ever meet. Its name is Professor Sherlock. Think about it.

Oh yeah, http://www.urosjojic.me. Just because I can :)

yours, 2lions



Miss old Teh Gladiators story... this one it's only images. I remember when we had to read the story from beginning to follow the story line. Now I'm lost with this story... =/


The length of that waterfall... shit. Hope he has paracute (that's not goblin engineered).


Crazy cow.


Reminds me of my first toon :) low HP and falling to my death while afk running.


No worries peeps, jumped down enough waterfalls and cliffs in WoW to know that if you drop in water you won't die, no matter the height! He will be just fine! :P


He should've rerolled a mage...Feather Fall...


I've given you the benefit of the doubt for a while, but I'm done. The lack of story is a waste of time.

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