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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: Crossing the Mountains
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Crossing the Mountains

Things usually get darker before there is light again. Makes you appreciate the light all the more, doesn't it?

yours, 2lions



Now the baby cubs are dead? How much darker can this get?


This comic is getting darker every week... Well it was a bit brighter with the snow. But eaten cubs is dark...

Okay I just couldn't resist putting that line there after last week xD


Considering its stonetalon mountains its clearly some other cubs, so no need to worry. Otherwise they suddenly got insanely fast and skipped ahead of him.


This comic is getting darker every week, so does story line. I like it more and more.


Glyph of arctic wolf. Well, he dropped by Orgrimmar and did some inscription training and then came back to do his job?

Doc Lithius

The snowy... what? When has it ever snowed in the Stonetalon Mountain region, much less outright white-out... ed??

This must be more undead magic at work.

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