Dark Souls 2 Console Commands: PC Cheats


Players on PC have obviously stayed aware of Dark Souls II. Dark Souls I was available on PC in less than optimal form, it has frame-rate and resolution narrowed and poor controls. People have been talking about the inquiry: How will the Dark Souls II on PC crack-up?

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The first game – Dark Souls I was recovered by great modders, and currently it is able to look downright amazing. At the end of last year, the follow-up producer committed that the follow-up will not ask for such many fan-made modifications; From the first game, they had learned a costly lesson. Thus, this time they ensure to spend their time to get it right with the version.

At times, the game Dark Souls II looks nice on the PC version, although the most time it is likely to be a uprisen console port at the last generation. The environment consistency seems flat and the arrangement or types of lights in places looks similar to how it is on the consoles – It is still a far distance from those awesome lighting impacts we observed when Dark Soul II was still in growth.

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We’ve noted that in some locations, characters will not emit a shadow. This is not a big problem. However, it is a confusion that the lighting doesn’t look more climatic.

But after all, all these small obstacles certainly cannot stop players from enjoying the game. Focusing on the gameplay, it is still worthy to spend your time taking adventures in Dark Souls II. In case that you would like some handy Dark Souls 2 console commands, read the guide below.

How to defeat the executioner’s chariot boss in an easier way:

For Dark Souls 2 console commands, to do this you should follow these steps: In the Arena, knock down the first Necromancer enemy together with any either skeletons. Do not leave the door place and cast Affinity. When the chariot goes past, the Affinity will attack it. With this method you are able to kill the boss without running farther into the location or lowering the gate.

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Modify character’s gender:

In Dark Souls 2’s first spot, right after the Thing Betwixt, you should note a not very big coast with two ogres. Then you will be able to see a coffin behind the ogres. Given that you jump into the coffin, you are able to select your character’s gender one more time. This is the only thing the coffin can do in the game.

Endless souls:

Dark Souls 2 console commands for endless souls is to lay hands on a corpse with an item or souls, then collect the loot. Now you have to create a crucial leap off the nearest ledge. Right after you are dead, quickly press the suitable button to call up the option to exit your game. When the game is restarted, you will be at the last bonfire with anything you collected from the corpse now put inside your inventory. If you go and reach the body, the item should be waiting on the body, letting you pick up it one more time and recur the process until you want to stop.

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Hidden use for the petrified something:

In Dark Souls 2, the Petrified Something is an alternative beginning item present. It exists during Character Creation but hasn’t got any clear and exact purpose. However, when petrified something placed in the nest of a bird in the game’s very first location, Thing Betwixt, this item is able to be exchanged accidental items, from a useless Old Whip to the highly valued Twinkling Titanite, an item supports players to enhance their equipment.

False wall in no-man’s wharf:

Dark Souls 2 console command for the false wall in no-man’s wharf can be available if you follow these steps: Nearby the far edge of No-Man’s Wharf, there is a small place full of poison jars. The room is protected by two guards sleeping at the table. The wall behind them is false and you are able to destroy it by casting a spell. After that, you can find a number of Souls and the handy Royal Soldiers Ring.

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