Dark Souls 3 Bosses


There is no denying that the most notable and popular aspect of Dark Souls series is all about the bosses.

If Dark Souls 2 is a BIG disappointment, Dark Souls 3 will revive the memorable bosses.

Here you will discover lots of impressive boss concepts in the world of Lothric. Moreover, this series includes all of classic duels, some of the favorite bosses from the first version and challenging and unique boss mechanics.

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Don’t hesitate anymore, fans of Dark Souls!

Come with us and find out all Dark Souls 3 bosses now!

A ranking of Dark Souls 3 bosses from worst to best

Deacons of The Deep

In fact,

The Deacons of The Deep is a group of enemies than a real boss.

That’s why,

All these enemies are easy to kill.


When it comes to the second phase of the battle, you should be careful because the enemies can cast Curse to you instantly.

Ancient Wyvern

To beat the Ancient Wyvern, avoid dealing with the giant dragon conventionally. It’s because his HP is incredibly high.


You should run up a near tower and jump off to hit the beast in the head for a quick hill. When running past, remember to dodge over his attack.

High Lord Wolnir

dark souls 3 bosses

He is a big skeleton with three huge glowing bands as his weak spots. Try to keep your distance and attack the bands surrounding his arms to eliminate him instantly.

Although he looks cool and impressive at first, the battle lacks substance.

The only real damage while fighting against him is not to get trapped in his fog because it kills you quickly.

Curse-Rotted Greatwood

Although the appearance of the Curse-Rotted Greatwood makes you threatening, this boss battle is not too fierce.

It’s a GIANT tree with egg sacs that serve as its weak point to attack. The vulnerable spots are placed on its belly, limbs, and back. So, try to aim at these positions to kill them.

However, NOTE that

TheGreatwoodcan smash the ground and make both down a cave below when it creates enough damage.

At this time,

What you need to do is to find a way to back to the ground and continue using the same strategy until eliminating it entirely.

Vordt of the Boreal Valley

If you remember the Great Grey Wolf Sis in Dark Souls 1, fighting against the Vordt of the Boreal Valle will be simple.

In the list of Dark Souls 3 bosses, this boss is simple to deal.

All you just do is to stay behind or beneath him to attack. It’s because he only attacks from the front.

Halflight, Spear of the Church

When the fight starts, Halflight, a towering enemy, roars threatening words and then summon invaders to attack. Depending on you’re playing online or offline, this fight can either be difficult or a bit of a breeze.

For instance,

When playing online, Halflight can summon a novice or a skilled played to destroy you. But, if you are playing offline, you can cut down it easily.


dark souls 3 bosses 3

The Champion’s Gravetender is a standard character surrounding by some wolves.

Although you can stagger or backstab to deal with them, be careful as fighting against more than two enemies is not easy.


You need to take advantage of terrains to cover yourself while battling. Besides, try to bait both bosses surrounding in circles to hit them.

As long as,

You’re attentive not to get injured by freezing and concentrate on striking one boss at a time, you soon gain the victory.

Oceiros, the Consumed King

As a crazed-looking dragon, you might take some troubles if giving him too much respect.

To deal with him, remember the KEY is to stay beneath him and aim at his legs. Relying on that, you can take him down easily and quickly.


Be cautious of his second attacking form because it’s more aggressive and can send severe damage to you.

Yhorm the Giant

dark souls 3 bosses 4

When Yhorm the Giant first appeared, he was described as the hardest boss in Dark Souls game.


It’s a bit tricky because the battle against him is straightforward, requiring a few special attacks from the Storm Ruler.

Simply sendpowerful attack, and then you will drop his HP instantly. Just make sure you assault carefully and accurately to eliminate him soon.

Old Demon King

The Old Demon King is a gigantic fire demon living in the Smouldering Lake area.

Since he owns some powerful moves, you MUST have a shield and fire-resistant armor to fight against him. Or you will get significant damage if he attacks. Additionally, remember to dodge or keep a distance between the both of you to guarantee your safety.

Aldrich, Devourer of Gods

dark souls 3 bosses 5

Amongst Dark Souls 3 bosses, Aldrich is the second Lord of Cinder you have toface.

He’s an odd-looking mage who can cast some dangerous spells.


It’s easy to deal with him.He often teleports away after being hit a couple of times. And that makes the battle simpler to complete.

The most important thing is to scan where he appears again and then run towards him and jump to send BIG damage.


If you are waiting for a tough boss in this game, the fight against DragonslayerArmour is what you need.

In this battle, you MUST do as fast-paced as possible because the battleground is small and the boss can close it to force you a face to face combat.

Never try and get behind him, or you will welcome a wicked shield bash from him. Additionally, be careful of additional enemies running from projectiles in the battle.

Abyss Watchers

dark souls 3 bosses 6

If you don’t notice the battle flow, the appearance of the Abyss Watchers of Farron Keep will be a NIGHTMARE. These enemies can move like lightning, closing the distance and keeping the pressure on you continually.

Although the Watchers include two or three, only one counts as damage for the boss altogether. So, the KEY to knock them out is to bait them to fight each other.


When the Watchers become one GIANT in the second phase, the offense will be the best strategy because they come with low poise and lurch.

Pontiff Sulyvahn

It can be said that the Pontiff Sulyvahn is one of the most challenging bosses that make you spend hours striking.

With a deadly combination of magic and melee, all his attacks are actually dangerous. Furthermore, his moves are subtle so that he can hit you if you don’t pay attention. What’s more, he can summon a clone of himself to attack you.

How to eliminate him?

You need to roll to prevent his attack. In other words, avoidance is your best weapon against him. And then learn how far each attack can reach and kill him.

Dancer of the Boreal Valley

dark souls 3 bosses 1

The Dancer of the Boreal Valley is one of the hardest Dark Souls 3 bosses.

Although her moves are easy to predict and avoid, if you get caught in one of her attacks, you’re sure to be punished. Moreover, she can pull out a sword and swing furiously in spin attacksin the second phase.

The only way to deal with the Dancer here is to use pillars to dodge and counterattack her from behind.

Lorian and Lothric, Elder and Younger Princes

Facing up to a dangerous combo of two brothers of Lorian and Lothric makes your combat more challenging.

Lorian can teleport around the area so that you cannot determine where he is going to teleportas well ashis moves. As compared to Lorian, Lothric is quite weak. But his brother can revive him and even shoot magic at you.

Since attacking Lothric is useless, it’s best to get behind the duo and hit Lorian’s back first. After that, you can easily eliminate Lothric.

Soul of Cinder

dark souls 3 bosses7

To be known as the last boss of the whole main game, the Soul of Cinder comes with a severe case of multi-personality disorder. He owns two life bars for the health. Also, he has an endless number of attacks to fight against use. Plus, he boasts a few of weapons that are powerful.


With a massive amount of health and powerful, DarkeaterMidir makes himself a tough boss to beat.

Since he is a dragon, you can use the same trick of staying beneath and keep bashing away his legs. Concentrate on whittling down his HP gradually and at the same time protect yourself from his flames.

Just NOTE that you need to be PATIENT enough to kill him completely.

Nameless King

dark souls 3 bosses 8

Nameless King is one of the hardest Dark Souls 3 bosses that cause BIG troubles. He is extremely fast, and his attacks are so diverse that you cannot predict.

The battle against him is divided into two phases.

The first requires you to kill the dragon. Remember that only hitting the dragon’s head DOES damage. While performing this, you should be careful of the King’s lightning-infused attacks as well.

Then face up to the Nameless King in the second phase and DO your best. It’s because his moves can punish you and destroy your health if you are careless.

Demon Prince

As the very first boss in the DLC, the Demon Prince is known as a type of multiple enemies with two Demons.

The first phase requires you to fight against the Demon in Pain and the Demon from Below. One can shoot fire while the other can vomit poison. This makes their attacks dynamic and forces you keep your eye on them always.

The strategy here is to defeat the Demon in Pain first so that you can kill the Demon Prince in the second phase with ease.

Slave Knight Gael

A massive amount of HP makes the battle against the Slave Knight Gael long and exhaustive.

Here you have to face up to three different phases of attack that each comes with sorts of threats.

The most dangerous is, of course, the final one.

He will free fierce combinations of attacks that aren’t shown clearly. Moreover, his weapons obscure your view so that you cannot assault him.

Although he is among the hardest bosses to beat in Dark Souls 3, it’s fun to fight against him.

Sister Friede and Father Ariandel

The last boss in the Ashes of Ariandel DLC is both Sister Friede and Father Ariandel. Perhaps, this fight is the most challenging fight in this game.

Similar to Gael, Friede comes with three different phases. Unlike him, she has a brand-new health bar in each stage.

The first phase isn’t truly hard, but

You must be careful when both Friede and Ariandel team up. The big man will follow you to shoot flames while Friede slashes at you with a scythe.

And when you think this battle is over, she will be back in the third phase for a duel. At this time, try to repeat what you did in the first and second stages to beat her entirely.

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