Dark Souls 3 Covenants Rewards Guide: Way of Blue, Blue Sentinels, and Blade of the Moon


Every covenant is instructed by a fundamental philosophy that decides its membership actions. A couple of covenants are born to help other players all through a co-op or protective assembling,  while some others attract opposed attacking and encroach as well as aggressive PvP. Most covenants bring up rewards to devoted members who attain their responsibility to the covenant, whether it is supporting a player knock down a boss or not, fighting off bitter invasions, or even capturing other players who overstep on the specified territory.

In order to be a part of a covenant, players ought to achieve the covenant’s insignia, which usually asks for talking to a covenant team leader and calling for membership into the covenant. A covenant insignia then is able to be set up his or her own equipment to symbolize membership, this can be done in the slot of the covenant on the inventory menu.

This short Dark Souls 3 Covenants Rewards guide will soon define 3 of the ready to use covenants in Dark Souls 3: Way of Blue, Blue Sentinels, and Blade of the Moon, as well as showing players how to catch sight of every covenant team leader or shrine. Covenant are specific factions that mainly do business with both co-op multiplayer and PvP. Through this article, we hope that you are able to find a right covenant for yourself.

The Way of Blue

In Dark Souls 3, the very first covenant most gamers will face is usually the Way of Blue. In order to be a part of this covenant, you have to get into the church in the High Wall of Lothric when you are on the way to Vordt of the Boreal Valley. To gain a small banner, talk to Emma, after that, talk to her one more time so that you are able to access the Way of Blue covenant insignia.

Covenant the Way of Blue aims to keep safe of players from nasty invaders. When equipped with the Way of Blue insignia, Darkmoon Blades’ or Blue Sentinels’ members will automatedly be called for to support players when they are being attacked by a hostile red phantom.

For this covenant, no Dark Souls 3 covenants rewards are available because it is entirely defensive and it does not ask for straight participation in particular activities related to multiplayer. The Way of Blue is the best choice for discovering unfamiliar places while cindered. This lets you get shelters from hostile red invaders after fruitful boss battles, while also support Darkmoon Blades and Blue Sentinels to collect their rewards.

Dark Souls 3 Covenants Rewards Guide: Blue Sentinels

To keep safe of the Way of Blue is the pride of the Blue Sentinels. In order to take part in the Blue Sentinels, you ought to go along the Road of Sacrifices to get to the Halfway Fortress Bonfire and then see Anri together with Horace. Talk to Anri, then Horace to achieve the insignia of Blue Sentinels.


Players who complete their duty as a Blue Sentinel will be rewarded with Dark Souls 3 covenants rewards: a Proof of a Concord Kept for every victoriously knocked down hostile red phantom as well as for safely accompanying a host to their boss combat. The covenant leader of Blue Sentinels – Company Captain Yorshka, appears at a high tower not very far from Prison Tower Bonfire. Yorshka is also the leader of Blade of the Darkmoon, so read the next item to know how to see Yorshka.

The Blade of the Darkmoon

Actually, the Blade of the Darkmoon covenant is the native version of the Blue Sentinels. In addition, it is a bit complicated to join this covenant. To come to be a Darkmoon knight, firstly you have to finish a series of acts connected to Sirris of the Sunless Realms. Be sure to finishing all of Sirris’ activities before going after this covenant.

After seeing Anri and Horace, go back to Firelink Shrine to face Sirris on the stairs. Find the Old Wolf of Farron, gather the Dreamchaser’s Ashes from the window as soon as you finally get to Farron Keep. Let the Shrine Handmaid take the ashes. After that, depart the location. Come back to Firelink Shrine to talk to Sirris one more time, and at last, she will bring you the gesture you need to take part in the covenant.

Yorshka is the leader of the covenant. Begin at Anor Londo bonfire then go back down the staircase to find Yorshka. There is a small platform at the bottom of the stairs, reach it, look out across a tower. Go onto an unseen walkway and head to the tower until you meet the balcony of the tower and meet Yorshka here. Now you can do the formality and come to be a Darkmoon Knight. The same to Blue Sentinels, Dark Souls 3 covenants rewards are 10 Proof of a Concord Kept – Darkmoon Ring and 30 Proof of a Concord Kept – Darkmoon Blade after this.