Unlock Secret Hidden Areas in Dark Souls 3


The game Dark Souls 3 is huge. There are many hidden things that you pass by given that you are not searching for them. A lot of secret locations, people and items are highly worthy of the early game.

If you would like to reach Dark Souls 3 secret areas, you have to catch sight of Illusory Walls and attack them to look at the riddle lying on the other side. The Dark Souls 3 Illusory walls address all the covered locations in the game. These Walls are distributed around inside the game and contain a number of good things as well as other valuables. This guide will show you how to unlock secret hidden areas of Dark Souls 3.

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley: The nearest bonfire of this Dark Souls 3 secret areas is Pontiff Sulyvahn. Reach to the door, go upstairs on the left, go over the valley, and then into the door on the far end. As soon as you entered inside, the Illusory Wall is on your left.

Farron Keep: The closest bonfire of this hidden area is Old Wolf of Farron. Go back towards the swamp, then walk to the left. Right after you are in the new location, go upstairs and the Illusory Wall will be on the left side – next to Crystal Lizard spawn spot.

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Firelink Shrine: The nearest bonfire of Fireline Shrine is the Firelink Shrine (same name as you can see). This is one of Dark Souls 3 secret areas and to arrive at it, go to the right side of the construction through the upper stairwell and inside the castle minaret. Jump onto the rooftop of the shrine from the bridge and land on the lower level of the roof. Go straight to the front and you are able to meet another stairwell directing to the building. From that point, go along the beams and head to the backside of the room – now the Illusory Wall must be at the right before you.

When you are exploring Firelink Shrine, you may notice the side passage out of the top floor to a belltower door which is locked. The key to this door costs 20,000 souls and is sold by the Handmaid – too expensive when we have just started the game. However, we highly recommend that players should try to gain the key sometime around the Undead Settlement.


In case that players do not have enough patience to wait, they had better attempt to use a trick to reach up to the lower roof: From the door of the belltower, look down to meet a huge tree stump at the left of a lower roof. Given that you try sprinting up, you are able to start a running jump and turn to the right side to leap over the gap onto the tops. You may have to try several times, but it is a can-do thing.

From this point, you are able to walk around to the rooftops before the shrine to reach an entrance to the rafters above. Here you can find a corpse carries an Estus Shard, and a weird Crow will exchange certain things with you. In case that you have a look at the far back wall on which there a narrow beam, you are able to hit it hard to uncover an Illusory wall with a small way addressing the thrones to a chest carrying a Covetous Silver Serpent Ring. This ring is valuable since it is able to greatly increase the number of souls you will gain at this stage of the game.

Catacombs of Carthus: The nearest bonfire is the Old King’s Antechamber. Go straight down the stairs and into the place with some dead evil spirits and enemies. From that point, enter the tunnel and lay hands on the Illusory Wall on the immediate left of your side right after you come across a wall right before you.


Irithyll of the Boreal Valley: This is also one of the Dark Souls 3 secret areas and its nearest bonfire in Anor Londo. With the staircase down, collapse it to go straight inside the original place of the Blade of the Darkmoon covenant. As soon as you arrive there, you are able to find the Illusory Wall at the exact opposite side.

Lothric Castle: The nearest bonfire of this hidden area is Lothric Castle. Go through the door addressing towards the Dragon Barracks Bonfire, turn left, then right, and then go upstairs. From that point, go towards the tower’s base through the right door. Right after you are in the new area, knock down the Winged Knight and start to climb the ladder. The Illusory Wall is on the barrels’ left side.