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Enter The Gorgeous One

It's widely recognized that the greatest Warlock in existence newer actually admitted he was a Warlock to begin with. "Philosophically speaking," he'd say, "I am a Paladin of sorts, a healer in my own right. The fact that I happen to heal the land from the plague, rather than the other way around, makes me somewhat unorthodox in the eyes of those who watch as their skin crackles from the searing heat of my diabolical spells. If anything, I am a Shaman with a slight tendency to overreact when it comes to the dribbling inhabitants of this wretched rock. So I selectively preserve life, so sue me. Only when there is no one to thank me for work well done (in a language that I can understand), will my work truly be done."

A bitter corpse some might say, but one hell of a guy nonetheless - Melvin was his name.

yours, 2lions




just great, love how the plot is using all characters atm :D

Doc Lithius

Well... This is becoming more and more interesting with each comic! Also, more terrifying. XD


Third comment XD


yikes...guess that explains why murlocs are so flipping aggressive....they need to keep up their experiments~


yesh! moar murloc lovies!


So the undead are actualy vallent-like beings, only with greater intelegence?


man i hate those murlocs!


So...if everything is backwards, why are those two exactly the same? o.o


I didn't see that one comming, while wondering where these two have been since the last time

need moar comic :D


Are they going to cut his brain out, study it, and make human horde intelligent?


dont u mean medivh? and what haoend to trevor haven seen him in a while


lol i bet the cat will turn into deathwing


oh thanks you

this reveals the secret of human


Sharon: Aaaaaughibbrgubugbugrguburgle!
Vallant: Wtf?
Sharon: Haha! j/k ^^

Something smells fishy... but it's great to see Sharon and Yolanda again :)


And they lived happily ever after. The end.


Sharon and Yolanda failed to notice that Vallant lacks Brains as well, so their clones are just around the corner from being perfect :D jajajajaja.

Love the comic dude, thanks for a great job every week.


argh... 20 silver is far tooo much!!!


I can honestly say... I NEVER saw that coming! Great job man!

You had me laughing like crazy, dude! These last two were hilarious!


What now ? All the team members are gathered up. plus,there are gnome druids and lesser gorgeous ones. What kind of food can be cooked with these ingredients ?


hmm explains why the lesser gorgeous ones are such stoners :p


*Imitates Murloc* Mmmmmmmmrrrrrrgggggrrrraaahhhhh
Translation: Must....Farm....NOOBS!


Sigh. As someone who's been reading this since the beginning, I'm sad to say I'm probably gonna stop reading this now. It was funny to begin with, because the arena was something where random stuff could happen to make stuff go horribly wrong. Now it just seems like whatever is being thrown in to do stuff. I've lost the thread of the story and don't really care to figure out where it went.


is it me or does the things that the giant is wearing look alot like what the orc is wearing??

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