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Epic Battle Ensues

You know what. The second panel this week blows me away. It's got a very Kill Bill feel to it.

Sort of like my writing (in some skewed inane manner): http://www.urosjojic.me. Go hit the "random story" button, because that's what winners do.

yours, 2lions



Now there is enough food to feed whole tauren district.


um ... is that the hero gut form the first comic ?
(the head )


I was reminded far more of the scene with emo Anakin Skywalker and the Tusken Raiders.


Quest [Are We There Yetti] Objective Completed.


Quentin Tarantiona would be proud..

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Teh Gladiators / The Gladiators
A world of warcraft (WoW arena) - inspired comic, from the award winning team - Uros Jojic & Borislav Grabovic. Updated weekly. Read the first 21 pages of heroic Gorrok, Vallant and Spin saga now at www.tehgladiators.com