Fallout 3 tips and tricks


Fallout 3 is an excellent RPG video game about the Post-apocalyptic world full of zombies and undead. This is really a challenging game when it requires the player has to find out the way to survive in this dangerous world. So, for those who are Fallout 3’s loyal fans, in this article, we offer you all the Fallout 3 tips and tricks from basic to advance to overcome this interesting game easier.

10 Fallout 3 tips and tricks

Take everything slow

The first in Fallout 3 tips and tricks is taking everything slow. In fact, if you rush around the Capital Wasteland, you may be dead sooner or at very least is missing many interesting experiences that this immersive game provides. So, take everything slow like walking around aimlessly, looking at everything surround you, finding all the locations, exploring the game world, killing every enemy, etc, and finally enjoying all the emotion that this game brings to you.

Arm Yourself for the occasion

There are a lot of weapons available in Fallout 3, however, some of them aren’t effective in battling against some certain enemy types. In addition, ammunition is a precious in this game and you may need it sometimes, so, don’t waste it! In general, arm yourself for some special occasion such as battling against a strong enemy is a wise idea.

Small Guns are big on power

An interesting point that you should know in Fallout 3 is that small guns are so powerful completely contrary to its name. There are lots of weapons that consider as high-end killing machines in this Small Guns class, so, you can consider equipping some small guns.

Conserve Ammo

We have just mentioned about this above, however, conserving ammo is really important that makes us need to repeat it in this article about “Fallout 3 tips and tricks”. In fact, ammunition is extremely rare so, don’t go around and shoot anything for no reason. More over, even when you battle against your enemy, you should use V.A.T.S. to aim carefully before shooting, this can help you to conserve your ammo.

Conserve Meds

Another thing that extremely important that you should use it well and save is medication. This is one of the most important tips and tricks in Fallout 3 that every player needs to know. In any journey, especially a dangerous journey as Fallout 3, medication is the thing to save your life, so, let’s conserve it as much as possible. In addition, Stimpaks are so expensive, so, don’t go around stabbing yourself with them just for fun. Instead of that, let’s eat some foodstuffs that you can often find on the enemies that you’ve just killed. When you are radiation poisonings such as Rad-X and Rad-Away but only mildly radiated, don’t rush to use medication, let’s consider going to a clinic to clean up all of them. This can help you to save your medication, they are useful when you are in a tough spot and need those Stimpaks or Rad-X treatments.

Sleep anywhere you can

Sleeping is one of the best ways to heal yourself, so, don’t miss any bed when you are on this journey. You should remember the beds’ location and use them when you’re in the vicinity of these areas, and whenever you encounter a bed, let’s clear it out and sleep to heal yourself. However, we need to remind you that sleeping can’t help you to heal the radiation poisoning.

Never Pass Up Experience

There are total 20 levels in Fallout 3 but it is very difficult to get there quickly. Opposite, you will have to pass hundreds of challenges before coming there, or even you can’t get level 20 if you don’t know some tips and tricks in this game. In fact, in order to level up to level 20, this game requires the player to use all the experience-earning opportunities that you encounter. For example, if you see a computer terminal to hack, let’s hack it; encounter an enemy, let’s kill him; etc in general, never pass up any experience even though they are so strange or easy to do.

Collect & Sell

A small but interesting Fallout 3 tips and tricks that you should know is how to use some seemingly useless thing. In fact, lots of things that we think that useless still have sort of use, so, collect any goods you can to sell them and earn money. The more goods you can collect and sell, the more Bottle Caps can be earned, so don’t hesitate to collect. However, you shouldn’t collect too much especially when you can’t get back to a settlement quickly because these can make you be encumbered.

Be wise when using points

The points you have is limited and you only can level up to a finite degree, so, don’t wast your skill point. Let’s think carefully when using them. The best way is using your XP in some skills that useful for you. Let’s consider which skills are the things you usually need to use and use XP there.


This is a small tip that we think you shouldn’t miss. Don’t rush to jump into resolve enemies, let’s explore the game world and enjoy the feeling that the game brings to you, we’re sure that you will find lots of fun here.


We have just offer you 10 Fallout 3 tips and tricks, with this, we hope they can help you to overcome all the extremely difficult challenges in this game. Thank you for reading!