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Family Affair

So Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope you have a great end to this old year and an even better start to the new one.

On to WOW topics, I started rocking in the Arenas with a Holy Pala recently. I must say, Warriors are still pretty decent with a healer shoved up their behinds. The thing is, a lot has changed in this new season and the people who whine the most are the ones who are likely having troubles adapting. That's the thing, you need to adapt and use new playstyles to be effective.

For example, having Recklessness, Retaliation and Shield Wall on a 5-min cooldown (and a 10 sec cooldown in between using each of the abilities) is a huge boost in the Arenas. When used correctly (with, say, Bladestorm AFTER the other team has blown their major defensive cooldowns), it's quite, quite effective.

Warriors are still monsters in there, I'm etching towards 1700 with no major snags along the way. The biggest difference, however, is that I can't simply fire off a Mortal Strike and forget. I need to think about my cooldowns and how I blow them. We are a lot more dependent on big CDs than we ever were before. That's not necessarily a bad thing.

As for the Battlegrounds, it's a different story, mostly because I don't have my cooldowns as readily accessible. In that sense, we are not as good as we were in BGs, but to me, Arenas are where it's at anyway.

As for this latest episode, the white rat is Trevor's... OMG!

yours, 2lions




trevor's son awesome!!!




whot whot whot!!!


omg I1M shokd! Trevor junior kicks ass


Is that a Titansteel Destroyer I see getting crafted?


oh god, trevor's son?
how the hell did he ended in northrend?


Gl to the next team facing trevor's son!

Eagle-Eye Vallant

trevor's son has the power of the supreme victory scroll!!!! zomg




Trevor the Younger?


Trevor Jr. would be more appropriate :)


Awesome :D


He cant be named trevor jr or anything with trevor in it because vallant doesnt know its trevor's son.. i wonder when's he going to find out :-D . Awesome twist. Keep up the best work


This is rich...can't w8 the next one...keep it up


that imba geared team gonna get pwnd again?


Great job as always...but I must nit-pick. It should be "On that FATEFUL day"...okay, I'm done :-)

Hope you had a great holiday and we'll see you after the New Year!

Eagle-Eye Vallant

teh imbah geared team with season 7 will be pwnd again, and for arthas this time


Soon trevor gets resssurected by hunter DK and turned into DK pet rat with cool DK gear and faces off his son in northrend and removes his mask saying " i am your father" and then maybe bites a hand off, but lucas arts might sue you for going that far...


Uhm, is it just me, who says HUNTERS CAN REVIVE THIER PETS! Oo


Is Trevor Junion enhanced by Unc. Victory Scroll?

Silver Viper

damn babe! :D its great but... i hate white rats! :(


if a hunter can tame a pet then it means he dont have dead pet or liveing pet so i guess vallent abandoned trevor!


O.o I wish I would have seen that comming. Awesome twist! (and fresh blood for the team)

Trevor Jr... Sounds awesome when you think about the previous Trevor.


How cute rats in love. :)
Great comic as always.


LIKE OMG IM SHOCKED!!! junior trevor ! kick ass!! :P and merry xmas and happy holidays :p


so... if that white rat got pregnant that day.. how could she get a child on the same day? doesnt it take a while before the child gets born?



I've pretty much given up on arenas. I'm thinking of making a team with another warlock, quitting all the games before the gates open, and naming it "We Were Going to Lose Anyway".


*looks at comic*
*grabs all the runspeed pots/bufs/ect. close to him and activates all at once*
*runs away, hoping to outrun the upcoming catastrophe*


You made a good U turn :D Humorous!!!

Wish you a great new year!!!


Trevors son basicly = super Trevor now!


Happy New Year my friends of mine!!! (1:30 down here in Peru!) Accidentaly posted the same thing in the first page! Whoops!


Happy new year! God my head hurts.....

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