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He Breaks on Damage

So yes, in regards to this new panel. There are several things about it that I should explain. First off, it's quite possible that you may not enjoy it as much as you might have the previous two pages. I'm speaking in terms of pure entertainment value (or the lack of thereof, some might argue). The reason for this is that I've tried to focus a bit more on the plot in this panel. Even if it is just hints at what the hell is going on, this took more dialogue than I'd normally put in an "episode," and thus, the gag-type jokes that I usually go for are not as represented as they were in the Booty Bay episodes (which I thought were good).

Secondly, I have to preemptively say that I am fully aware of the fact Thrall is a Shaman. And yes, what you see in this episode is the Intimidating Shout Warrior ability. I don't know, it just felt fitting for this particular occasion to "grant" Thrall this spell. He seems more like a Warrior to me as it is. (Maybe because Thrall's toon looks suspiciously like Thundersnow, and hence the mental connection.)

Finally, let me just say that, for those of you into one-liners and the "classical" type of Teh Gladiators comedic situations, you should like the next two episodes. A new Arena match begins. You'll see.

PS I broke 1800 last week and got the Vengeful 2H Mace *happy dance*

yours, 2lions





"Intimidating Shout breaks on damage" ROFL!!! n1 dude, gz!


Grats on the mace! Also nice panel, there's nothing wrong with taking time to set up the plot for the next few panels. It keeps the story moving forward! ;D


Just perfect ;) keep em coming, love to read them as always.



"Unconditional Victory Scroll"

link mats pls!!!!


Wait, he used Intimidating shout, but Thrall's a Shaman. NERF THRALL, HE HAS CC AND IS A SHAMAN, THAT'S BASICALLY A CONTRADICTION!!@?!shift+one!!1


Intimidating Shout breaks on damage! XD

Just a thing, Thrall is a shaman ;)




To all the peeps letting me know Thrall is a Shaman. Refer to the 2nd paragraph in my post, plox :)


How can Thrall as a shaman have intimidating shout?! ;D


hey guys im new to commenting but seen every comic (bloody brillant btw I die of laughter everytime xD) but just to make a point, thrall was originally a warrior then he trained in some shaman skills, so hes still a warrior, just a warrior who knows some shammy stuff, so he can have intimidating shout :)(also this would explain why he can wear black plate armor) (if you doubt me read up on warcraft book "Lord of the Clans" tells about how thrall grew up and trained)


Thanks, WoW_Expert. Had no idea myself. I simply wanted to give him a Warrior skill, but now, according to the lore, it even makes sense :)


AWESOME! ....keep up the good work,proud of u :)=


I like this page, 'intimidating shout breaks on damage' ROFLOLMAO !!!

and are we going to see x32a in action now ?? my bet is the 'arena' battle in the next 2 episodes is against it.

and gratz with your mace !


Okay, *that* for me was the funniest of the last three comics in this series. Call me a martinet for comedic timing, but the fear symbol on panel seven hinted at a build up that was delivered fully on the last. VERY funny imagery, storyline and execution. The humor was definitely drier, and as a result, funnier due to the contrast. Thanks, again, for a great comic =) In the words of the great gamers of yesterday, "I LOL'd IRL" ;D


WAHAHHAHAHAHAHA man Trevor is precious hahahaha i wonder if he did not had that charge when he was about to come out from fear hahahahaha.

I love ur work keep it up =)


Svaka cast za mace! hehe I really liked this page. BTW Im curious, how did you come up with that idea of a cyborg cat with a pala shoulder? This comic tells me the cat will be the "main antagonist" of the comic since our gladiators have to destroy it. You sure that's smart? I find the cat better suited as a simple comic relief.


#1 Grats on the mace!


I hate the fact that Intimidating Shout's main target breaks on damage. But LMAO! Nice one. But we should see in a corner Trevor running, feared, with the skull icone over his head (that would be hilarous)

There will be more then having our favorite druid abomination as the "main antagonist", I now know enough Thundersnow's twisted mind to know that there will be a twist something.

LMAO AT THE Unconditionnal Scroll of Victory. Rerolling Inscription to make one of those!


Grats on the mace man. Wish I would bother buying a new card before WotLK coems out to reach 70, and try arenas. Meh.
I think it's pretty nice to get a seriose issue for once based ont he story line, but the comedy still was funny, I was hoping to see Valliant run through the wall or something. (That bug that happens when you fear people near a wall sometimes).


I think Vallant peed himself. I think Trevor's bones have been turned to jelly. I think a lot...but that's just me. :-) Gratz on the mace...now if I can only keep my rogue alive long enough to survive Arathi as a lvl 31 so's I can get some phat lewtz!


DAMMIT! I gotta go back to the beginning of this and start saving your work to my hard drive! Unless you plan on coming out with this in hardcover...which reminds me. T-SHIRTS! ME WANTS!


There is no problem with Thrall having Warrior skills.When he was young he was a slave of the humans that was trained to be a gladiator so you can be sure he has the entire arms tree.
Just because he was trained as a Shaman too doesn't mean he forgot all his Warrior skills,he also wears plate:D.
He's class is Warchief of The Horde not Shaman:).
He isn't a warrior with a few shaman skills he is both at the same time.


HI ALL(sory caps)
i think he can have some abilites becuse he is a BOSS and can do some warior things too.


The disaster on steroids got owned :(



Needs more gnomes.


About Thrall:

Many lore characters are "multiclass". Arthas was a Warrior/Paladin (later Death Knight, much later Lich King), something similar applies to Highlord Alexandros Mograine (the Ashbringer...). As some said before, Thrall trained as a gladiator and was later introduced to shamanism by Drek'thar. So, no problem there :)


Is Gorrok getting abit chubby, or is his belt just extra tight?


Thrall might be a shaman but when you rescue him in durnholde he picks up a sword (shaman + sword = fail) nothing wrong, give fear to the shammies!


just made an acc to comment on this - It's great! I've been reading this since the first comic and it started off good, but lately it's gotten really dull, but this one was awesome, actually made me giggle IRL, hope to see more stuff like this :)


Btw, I just read ur comment under the comic saying some people might not like this. Tbh, this is probably the best one so far, it's amusing and clever and quite different from the usual.. "dumbed down humour" there normally is (sorry, don't mean offense but this was quite clever compared to rest of comics)


lovin the fear lol




Not to get technical, but Thrall does not aoe fear when alliance attack him, although that would be sweet. I think this comic was the best one in 4 pages and the intimidating shout punch-line made it great. Please focus the upcoming pages toward plot driven events such as this. Mixing in the jokes should be the comic relief from plot, not the core of the comic, IMHO. (Hint, you could make a joke about a character dropping loot that our heros knock unconscious and take his stuff, and they could wear it throughout the comic, new shoulders for someone?). Great work, grats on the mace fellow warrior.
Pua - lvl 70 warrior - Korgath


The Unconditional Victory Scroll is more like a working I W.I.N button from AV before the BC.


haha intiminating shout.... :P good 1 ;)


Vallant face is priceless...

ps: first time commenting but a long time fan! keep up the fantastic work!


I wanna some Draenei! Male or female... Plz... it would be great ^^


This is by far the best wow related comic ive ever seen. (and ive seen a lot)
Keep it up :)


lol at his hair/face after the shout :)



Gief a new page!


According to 'lord of the clans' by christy golden thrall is a warrior shaman because he has training in both classes.

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