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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: He Hit Him, But Was It Enough?
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He Hit Him, But Was It Enough?

Anyway, guys, I have a tiny request from you. Can you please use the player below to watch the Dread Mount video. Click on the orange camera icon as well and be nice to me and allow the camera. We're beta testing something, thanks!

yours, 2lions



radioactive squid humanoid that heals himself by disintegrating its captured victims and producing a huge green glowing miasma ?


That Dread Raven mount is sooooo awesome.


I think the tauran will have to have a lot of therapy to recover from this.
Tried the camera thing and the orange button. What are we supposed to see?


The orange button thingie will work tomorrow. We're still ironing out kinks. Thanks.


Well, there's a price for everything...


Stupid question, but is the thing the cracy orcish warlord from one of the first panels (the one who wants to be unbeatable and made a deal with the undeads)?

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