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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: He Said Meaow! and His World Fell Apart Again
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He Said "Meaow!" and His World Fell Apart Again

So the patch 3.1 is out. So far I haven't had a chance to really check out the new PvE content, but I'm loving the new Arms. People are having really mixed reactions to the latest round of changes by Blizzard, but to me, it's fairly obvious that (given a pocket healer) Warriors will once again be serious contenders in the Arena. But you know how it is, people are never satisfied. Personally, I'm loving Juggernaut. What a great skill. The guaranteed crit on Mortal Strike is lovely, oh so lovely.

Anyway, we continue the storyline in the comic. If you are finding this one random for whatever reason, trust me, it's not as much (as you might think). I'd advise you to go back to Episode 31 and read up on who Veron Rockhoof is and what's his role in our little universe.

Anyhow, have fun, kids, I'll see you next Monday.

yours, 2lions




First :P nice one



awesome XD Eagle Eye is the son of legendary Leeroy Jenkins


3rd! Nice one and the father son thing can't be better!!
Keep it up and let's see how big the range of the DK mouse is :D


nice comic



hmm poor Veron, but atleast something is gonna happen :D


wOOt fifth!

My guess is that Veron will be the fifth member of teh Gladiators.




Veron, you are definitely a pussy

Eagle-Eye Vallant

this rocks LOL vallant is the son of leroy


3.1 does absolutely nothing for warriors in pvp: Fury is ruined, arms got buffed (but not enough) and prot is as useless in arena as always.

Because of how wrath wrecked Blizz a couple of mates and myself turned to GW and we like it so far :) Difficult and a steep learning curve but also a lot more awesome than WoW, just very different too.

Arms making warrs serious in arena? Maybe against those without resilience but in arena that's rarely the case (and if they do, warriors die too fast anyway).

-signing out but keeping in touch, TheWarr


mmh would be more fun if leeroy was an older version of vallant sent back in time by Nozdormu :p


Good comic
Father & Son :)
After Vallant did his "Big Crit Aimed Shot", Leeroy would say: That's my son!!! :)
Poor Veron, I think TehGlads should give him a kitty for Birthday. :)


brothers? :o


Siggestion for fifth guy:
NOT draenei, night elf, dwarf, gnome, human, tauren, orc, troll or undead.
Make it a blood elf :D a REALLY gayish one, a stereotype of the male blood elf, or let a woman in on the team :/ there's only guys there, don't discriminate women please (no, i'm not a woman, but i still care :D
But i BEG you, NOT DRAENEI! they're so yucky and ewwy thar i feel like puking when i see one, and they're like blue taurens with no fur, human upper body and a squid as head.


Father and son on same team while Trevor joined "THE DARK SIDE" Trevor Jr is on the light side and i bet in the end Lerroy Vallent or Trevor Jr will die


heeeey! nice hat :D


How did Leeroy manage to have a son? You know that that implies, right?



Leeroy Jenkins, father of Eagle Eye.



Well I knew Leeroy and Wallant somehow related. İts genetic uberpwnage




Oh Mh Gee. When I said you should make leeroy a character more "from your mind" and less "sticked to the legend", I wasn't expecting THAT! THAT was completly unexpected! I knew you had a twisted sick mind.


Realy from this point on, this story can grow into ANY direction!


ummmm am I the only 1 to notice that Veron is missing his tattoo?

Silver Viper

thats a great one! leeroy and vallant! made me lol and rofl and lmao and... :D


I am really looking forward to the next installment.


I think he wants the Jenkins family to go after Arthas .

Can the Lich King stand a chance to the combined might of Leeroy Jekins and Valant Eagle Eye ?

Who knows . Illidan totally pwned teh gladiators once . But that was a Nightmare-mode Enerage :)

Edit> talking about enrage , who thinks what will happen when Vallant finds out the fate of Trevor sr. ?


There should be a guide somewhere on this site on how to change your profile, i happened to try my current picture when editing my profile, but another one (a baby tauren from WoW) didn't work, please add a guide on how to change your profile :/
It would help new people, and that is great, then it's more inviduality, and less publicity.


Why not go even further, and add another wow-legend to our beloved gladiatorteam. They are still only 4.

Yes, i am talking about the most epic dwarf ever, Flintlocke!
And yes, its an utopian idea, but wouldn't it just be cool? But again, i dont think that Fargo, the dwarf's creator, would agree.


Heh, nice!

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