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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: Hear This, My Friend.
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Hear This, My Friend.

I am overwhelmed by the amount of text in these new panels. I am nearly at my wit's end from all the typiness.

Oh yeah, http://www.urosjojic.me. Just because I can :)

yours, 2lions




Hello! Long time reader, first time poster. Let me just say, that I really enjoy the story so far.

There is just one thing bothering me, since Night elves are a pretty old race that implies that the Night elf girl was little a long time ago, before the Burning legion invaded Azeroth during the 3rd war again. Before that, the many Furbolg tribes were peaceful, non-violent and a friend to Night elves, only at the time of the war they became violent and aggressive because of the corruption that the demons spread. So I don't see the reason why the night elf girl would be scared there. And gloating over their kill? That doesn't seem like them at all.


These were renegade Serbian Furbolgs.


'Furblogs'? That brings me back to "RANDOM FURBLOG POWAH!!!" in the original TehGlads... :)

Also, here's a typo ^_^


I find small piggy very appealing. He has even this awsome mr Wiggles tail like. So cute o.O


This is bothering me,but Teldrassil, and therefore Dolanaar was created after the third war, so if the night elf girl grew up there, she would only be around 20 to 30 years old, still a child as night elves are considered mature at 320 (according to wowwiki). I suppose Dolanaar could be a different village that the Dolanaar in WoW was named after, but surely you could have gone with Astranaar or another night elf town in Kalimdor. Other than that, love the comic, keep on going! :D

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