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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: Help Us, Princess!
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Help Us, Princess!

I had a princess help me once. For 100 dollars. In a motel. Looking back in retrospect, I wonder if she really was a princess.

yours, 2lions



nice comic, cant wait for next week....Second!


"The flower bit me"?, according to sunya's post on the last strip, that's some intense weed


you know....there are some tanks out there who could learn a thing or two from vallant about holding aggro~


I don't think this comic makes sense anymore.


Hey carlisian bros. Your aunt's so fat she doesn't need internet she's already worldwide!

Darkspear Troll

Oh I think I figured out why they are kids finally. I think they're lives are flashing before their eyes while deathwing is burning them ^^


"Did we lose her?!"


2L i prefer nurses and schoolgirls myself


just a question. when the gnome n tauren bros 1st showed up it said they had the same father but diferent moms?!? so how come they now have the same mom? am i missing something? (maybe im just searching for inexistent logic)


$100? Man that's a cheap hooker. The best ones go for $200-$400


"flower power"


Sorry, the princess YOUR looking for is in another instance.

J. Ason

She ate some mages earlier... rings a bell, anyone?

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