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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: He's Good for Something After All!
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He's Good for Something After All!

So that's one way to tag a boss. Buttocks-boy makes his mark in the comic after all.

Makes me also think back to the days when a nasty little rogue would mess up the plans of dedicated raiders killing world bosses. They'd spam, they'd cry in the chat, but at the end of the day, it's the rogue who had his laugh, and since everyone was crying afterward in 'general', apparently, his was the last laugh as well.

Makes me also regret that Ironforge auctioneers were 'fixed'. Good old days when you could cripple the Alliance economy by being a little cheeky and willing to experiment. Undead Rogues for the win.

yours, 2lions




1st! all the refreshing of page was worth it! awsome pagez!


Gah, so close to first :)
Didn't see the assbite coming :P
Love the comic!


Can't wait to see the crowned tortured eye using [Sprint] on his new flashy legendary boots. My heart is already beating, my mistake: his giant heart
Great comic btw :P


Thats okay they are creating this thing to deafeat the Nightelf shedder, but where is the shedder now? They are just walking around and killing bosses. If its safe now, why are they still building this thing anyway?


lol this was funny,finally some use of tht ass-bite clone...


lol lvl 85 rogue vs death grip clone... clone wins.

awsome comic. keep 'em coming


By "work in progress" they definitly want us to give them ideas where to get hands. I think Gruul hands would be suficient xD But if you have to use just Azeroth bosses, why not adding Hakkar's scythe-like hands?


i was just wondering what does he meen when he says "Makes me also regret that Ironforge auctioneers were 'fixed'. Good old days when you could cripple the Alliance economy by being a little cheeky and willing to experiment" if someone could explain that thank you


i, somehow, fear the look of that handmade guy ^^

Bor de Wolf

Now I understand the last picture of 168.
The pig was at that moment bitten in the ass.


that explains where mr chew went in last weeks comic lol


LoL, user named Phreddy nailed last week (the clone tagged it).



I wonder how the squirrel planned to equip them.. perhaps he had is own boss in the making! *Thundercrash*


Called it. I want my cookie.


Ass-Bite-Clone! I choose you!


wonder what they're doing to the eye o.O

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