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Hunter's Heartwarming Account

Honestly, that basilisk never stood a chance. Basilisk are creatures not built to withstand the full brunt of pure unadulterated monkey rage.

yours, 2lions



heh... reused monkey-fight panel makes me laugh somehow.


Being a BM spec explains why his shots sux so much


that thing can pretty much own any instance or BG by it's lonesome :D


never noticed the stilts on vallant.....


Tbh the last part looks like something from the Jungle Book when Baghera and Baloo sends Moogly back :D


wow, the six-feeted lizard looks very nice :D


lol now i see why see why he doesn't need a real bow the gorilla just beats the snot out them. just like how it should be heh

incoming nerf hunters bows so they do 1-1 damage.. hehehe


But he won't be able to loot the basilisk as he did no damage to it! :P


Bearded Baby Vallant's having a nap in a size 87 epic slipper accompanied by a white-furred gorilla wearing goggles and a red cloak.

God, I LOVE this comic :D


at first I was like: NOOOO!!! Why is King-Kong jumping up and down on baby Vallant! Don't Hurt Him! D':
Then I noticed there was nothing to worry about :p *phieuw* =)


I wonder what happened to his monkey.


Just the way I play my low lv BM hunter.
Tag the target with a simple shot.
It doesn't do mutch dmg but the pet will have it's fun while you loot another already dead mob.
Nelf Vallant and he's rare rule's, haha.


lol that thing is as good as dead with that ape


I wish i had those "blindingly fast" arrows on my huntie. :D


Aren't night elf archers female? Also, I love the failing face-paint Vallant has on


Has anyone taken the time to notice that Vallant has actually been HITTING things with his arrows? So was he actually a good shot once?


Is it just me or is that guerrilla more retarded than Vaillant ? Is that even possible ? Is 2012 even real ? Are we all about to get raped by 10 ton whales ? This one says yes


i think that guirella is more reatrded than vallant too. that guirrella has killed a super hero and looted it...

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