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I Said RIDE!

So my guild has downed The Iron Council yesterday. I must say I am pleasantly surprised with the quality of the Ulduar content. I was fairly skeptical about it being on a par to what Blizzard claimed was their finest work (Naxx), and since, stylistically, the two dungeons are so different, I am not sure I can give (to myself) a definitive answer. Either way, it was fun raiding at a new place. I'm up to Freya in 10-man and the dynamics of each of the fights was very decent. The hard mode addition is great for keeping the encounters (moderately) fresh even after all of the content is bested.

I've also started the new Arena season with my Pala partner. We're all right, as long as we don't run into too many Priest/Rogue teams, which more or less have their way with us if they know what they're doing.

Finally, about the comic, this is a quick little episode to tide us over as the story progresses. Even so, I've enjoyed it; the art is good and it's got a certain charm in its simplicity.

yours, 2lions



First! And too bad that there's nothing shown what happens to the glads. But can't wait to see what's gonna happen ^^. And kep enjoying yourself in Ulduar. My guild is still gearing up in Naxx and i can't wait to see whats it's like.


second :P


third, cant w8 until next monday ;)


no.4:) give me monday!


ummm 5th, and i want an orc mount now :D


fith :)


7. ftw imba mount!!!!!


nr 8. nice mount! i want that to be posible in real wow!
p.s. what kinda mount is it? how much % speed increase?


Speed of the mount is easy to see!!!
just think abaut it, how hard would YOU run when Thrall commands you like that? :P

Like the wind allright!!!


Hahahaha the orc mount was all the money ! I said riiiiide you maggots! Keep up the good work you orc ;p



Still not missing it.


give orc mount for trolls? =D


Varian will die of laughter once he sees teh messenger (and his mount) .

What a wonderful way to dispose youre oponent !

On a side note - I wonder what happens if Leeroy stops eating those crab cakes . Heck , hes eating one even in the 3rd panel :)


RIDE LIKE THE WIND MAGGOT! This was just too fun to look at. I can't wait to see what kind of Leeroy & Eagle-Eye twist your bringing us up. Oh and I want an orc mount, to fit with my gnome vanity pet.

I knew you would enjoy Ulduar! The place is so uber. It made MANY people skepitcal at first, but Blizz definetly knows how to make their game(s) epic.

And BTW, I've strated including this website in my WoW forum sigs (WoW official forums, Wowhead, etc). I hope to bring more people here.


a,ova je super.odavno nije bilo ovakvih fora


has to be a BM hnter to have an exclusive mount like that ^^


WHOO 17th! >:D
and I wonder if there tauren mount lol but anyway where heck thrall got alliance cur?
and I want orc mount too :(


add a similiar effect to when they come with the reply :p



Do I really need to say more?



Eagle-Eye Vallant

i cant wait to see king varian wrynn omfg


I agree with you on the content. My guild finally downed Yogg this past week, with us getting him to 2% on our attempts before maintenance the first week.

I will say, you haven't fought the fun fights yet. Thorim, Hodir, Freya and most importantly Yogg are all absolutely fun and well designed fights, not to mention fresh in their methods. That doesn't mean they are easy, but it makes it a lot less frustrating wiping hundreds of times when the content is enjoyable haha.





how about Hogger for the 5th member of tehglads? that would be THE überteam

Idiom Police

Ok, it's "TIDE us over". Please never get this wrong again - it makes your grade school teachers cry...



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