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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: I Smell Steak I Tell Ya!
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I Smell Steak I Tell Ya!

Quite an odd place one would hope to find a decent steak meal.

yours, 2lions



FIRST! Story is coming quite nicely although i wish we get 4 instead of 2 a week.


This story is pretty interesting and the last panel is really cool


i like where this story is going, but still not happy with the slow pace. too many unanswered questions at the end of each update, ive started to forget how the whole thing started anyway.
on a side note, the hell are the forsaken doing with nerubians and ziggurats?

Doc Lithius

Well... I hope Ahab and his dog Kyle at least got the heck out of dodge before those Ziggurats were summoned.


I would like to see also four pages a week. Since story goes quite slow.


Great story can't wait until tomorrow!!


Next we spend another 2 -3 weeks in Thunder Bluff watching their food supply dwindle. Then another 2 with the lion dragging the cow into the pool.

Wow will be a distant memory before this story ends.


Hey, look, it's the Eye of Sauro- I mean, Eye of Sylvanas! :P

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