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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: If Only I Had Leveled Up My Herbalism
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If Only I Had Leveled Up My Herbalism

We'll call this one: "if only I had learned how to skill up picking flowers from the ground, I wouldn't be in this ungodly mess of a situation right now."

As long as you don't get +1 for pushing up the daisies.

yours, 2lions



Awwww, what a shame.


Peacebloom got wind'ed.


Tauren-undead coming soon!

Doc Lithius

Ya know, I have to say... If it were me, I'd just give up. Mulgore isn't simply dead and barren. It's tainted beyond recognition. I mean, sure, if some miracle happens, maybe druids can reverse the blight... but that seems extremely unlikely.

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