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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: Immune to the Plague
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Immune to the Plague

Clearly, the Orcs are immune to the plague. Scientists agree that having green skin makes you immune to all manner of vile viruses. Look at frogs. The logic is infallible.

yours, 2lions



I want crab cakes back


What kind of fucked up orcs are they?


I couldn't keep up the new story. You have finished the old one like the tv serial "Lost". Nobody understand anything about the final part. I guess the mind behind the story has changed.


I like a lot this new story !


oooo, plot twist, i like it.
This new story was a little slow to start with but it's picking up paste now.


this story seems to be interesting but it goes even slower than a handicapped snail... :\
I'm getting bored with theese long waiting times...like in the old days in wow when we had to wait a lot in the queue to log in to a server :D

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