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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: Is This the End (My Friend)?
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Is This the End (My Friend)?

A near miss by the Kodo and an act of desperation by the Tauren.

yours, 2lions




Why Mr. Kodo why?


So yeah, I would agree that possibly the biggest problem of this comic is the fact that it's pace and format are absolutely not suited for the web, or for the release dynamic we have at the moment. And trust me, we are fully aware of it.

However, it's the story we wanted to tell, and I'm sure, for those of you who find the time to re-read it in full once we release it as a PDF download, it will make a whole lot more sense.

That said, we apologize for our selfishness as authors and thanks for the people who are still sticking around.


Long time reader first time comment, this comic has seen it's up and downs, but expecting a comic to always deliver awesomeness is not fair to the authors.
That said, I am starting to like it more and more, pace is not THAT important, there are comics that is very slow in updating but it's worth the wait.
i'd rather have new eps released at a pace the authors decide than rushed eps because some ppl are impatient.
You have done a great job with this comic and I am looking forward to reading more!
(imo this is one of the best ones out there)


As slow of a pace as this story is, I have enjoyed it every week. I know what it mean sto write a great fiction. I had a fan fiction that i slowly stopped working on due to time and wallpaper art. I want to get back into it but the world the story is in has changed so much I would need to find a way to catch up at some point.


Oh noes! That can't be the end of it - the Tauren will find a way.


I think I've only posted once before but I've been reading since the beggining. More regular updates would be great but if this is the pace that suites you guys then so be it. Just keep going and keep up the good work, it's a great comic :)

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