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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: It Came to Me in A Dream
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It Came to Me in A Dream

Dreams. Dreams are great. They are brain's way of showing you its artistic side.

yours, 2lions



J. Ason

Now hang on a second, wasn't he supposed to get help from the kodos? It's clear that they are the ones being referred to on 377 and 378, despite being referred to as the "Ancient Ones".

Maybe the kodos are the minions of the Old Gods, and kodos + Old Gods = Ancient Ones. It would work decently well with the dialogue of page 377+378, though it seems like a long shot. However, let's remember that this comic's lore is not identical to the official Warcraft lore.


To clear up any confusion, 427 is the dream Sanee is having and 426 is what's actually happening

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