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IT Pwns Cities

Happy Friday, happy campers! I'm not a happy camper today.

Sorry to lay it on ya like this, but I'm not. Think I have some sort of stomach virus. In other words, me and the toilet have been budding up the entire day today. It's one of those friendships out of necessity, where neither really wants to spend much time with the other, but, since we're here, we might as well make the best out of it.

And did I? Make the best out of it, that is.

Well, yes and no. I have come to this rather stellar conclusion that no matter how eloquently and sensibly you try to talk with a toilet, you're usually met with a cold, blank stare. I think that's because it thinks that I need him more than it needs me.

Oh how wrong you are, toilet! You don't realize the power I hold over you! *dashes off to the tool shed to get some red spray paint*

yours, 2lions



Mwuhahahahhahahahahah ... can't w8 to see "it" in action ... WTB next page !!!


goo kitty gooo

rofl at ure toilet spiel


ROFLMAO!!!! pwnd so badly....gj m8 ...SVAKA CAST!!!


I have to say that this was a nice surprise, you guys definitely took it a step further here. Though I do hope there's some flash backs happenin. Keep it up!


the comics are really good

but anyway ... don't you think the story is a lil' bit too much slow so far ?


Awesome cat! He soloed sw :D




let down again. sorry i'm off


Great art in this one, especially the Stormwind ruins! Eagerly awaiting next Friday!!!


I'm at a loss for words here... this is without a doubt the single funniest strip I have ever seen...



mmh, I see veron respecced for dw now, or was the shield for show?

Anyways I guess after those two months they are free now for some wierd reason.



hillarious! cant wait friday ;D
good job there buddies...

on your topic,about the toilet, i read this on someones signature on some forum:

Talent specs are like religions, politics and farts. Everyone else's stink but yours.

c ya soon ;D


Still I want to see what that kitty did ^^
But awsome that it soloed SW ^^


WTH!!! Stormwind will never fail, its the best city of all world of warcraft!!!

Stormwind City FTW!


Hey man, i just wanna say that i`m a fan of ur comic from the start :D

Keep up the great comics. U made fryday my favorite day :)


GOOD JUMP made a sparkleeeee

Take care your.......


Lol @ Veron xD


Whoa! I knew the cat was gonna do "something" unexpected but this really takes the cake!


Ok, at first I was like WTF?!? Did I miss a page?

But after reading, the usual burst of extreme laugh just came out. Solo SW... lol and X32A didn't go lightly. I wouldn't mind seeing a flashback next page (or any hilarous story continuation, anything is good).

BTW: poor Veron spent all of his gold on toilette-paper-bandages, except the little 50 he used to respec dual-weilding (to cut with the knife and eat with the fork :P)


raaaaaaaaawr kitty SUPREME!!!! wud of like sum pics of the carnage :o
but soloing SW? woop i always wanted to see that shit hole ravaged xP (i actually play alliance btw :P) keep up the great work...or bears will eat you O.o


zomg kinda reminds me of my own cat...

*Eyes cat suspiciously*


*Transforms into Kefka from final fantasy 6 and begins laughing hysterically* "YES! YES! BURN THEM ALL MY MAGITEK KITTY! VWEHEHEHEHE!"


That was pretty unexpected, lol. All these side stories are great, but lets see some of the actual arena fighting and our heroes making their way upwards!


This. Is. Assum!
Good job on this one.


Gj ^^


Feel better dude.

Oh yeah: Release the Kitties (in a totally metal voice =)


Kitties PwN.

Settle your tummy with: gatorade/apple juice/gingerale


MEOW! lol
amazing (this is a weak word for it to describe this comic...)


Itsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Friday!


It's friday it 15:00 and still no update :(

WTB update !!


Cmon, its 16:30 and still no update...

Me is startin ta feel saaad :(
You no wanna see sad orc, cuz sad orc SMASH!!!


TERROR!!!!.....beast of TERROR!!

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