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It's An Interesting One I Think

As the title says, it'll be interesting to read what you people have to say about this panel.

yours, 2lions


Seraph no Orion

i still think that the pigeon had some thing to do with that ! lolz you guyz rule


First :D , tyrande as a bird , wonder if she has 310% flying speed :D ?

EDIT: apperantly second


Third! Nice one guys. Will miss you! ;)


how the hell did she die? /confused

btw. Veron joined the team, horay!
Warior, Hunter, Drunken master, "Shaman", DK, Ninja kid and Giant Kity is the best 5v5 build you can get I think ;)


As for how Tyrande died, as she always does these days - when someones going "For the Horde" achiev :)


Well it seems Gorrok got a sweet, sweet new axe :D

EDIT: 6th


Im guessing...... ToF druids tanked everyone to death?


Hmmm tyrande doing a lap dance, imagine that!


is it just me or does Tyrande look more male then female on the picture? Making all the boss NPC's gay.


I think it was time for her thinking of how many times people have attacked =P


Why isnt people raiding Shilvermoon anymore? :o


one question...
Why does valiant never upgrade his gun...?

o wait, its a legendary aint it ;D
"Lucky Musket of the Idiot"


Epix. love the duel blade butcher xD


I still miss the good days of the arena team.
Nerf Stick
Two Handed Staff
0 - 0 damage
0.0 dps
0/0 durability
Effect:Chance on hit to make you spin around like a moron. Lasts 1 hour.


Eeeeeeeeee! Malfurion!?!?!!!! *fangirls*


Veron the fourth man of the team? id love to see that


Omfg! why tyrande is dead?
how can veron go their team if luck and his father come to? only five man!
good stuff! keep working and i will keeping laugh!


I like how Trevor and Trevor Jr. are both on Vallants shoulder for his gun in the last frame. :D
And Veron new addition to the team ? I like. :D


gah, why is tyrande dead, she never died in the lore or this series and why a pigeon? why not a dove? a falcon? a hippogryph?

and veron joining the team is awesome


Haha Veron Rockhoof is total owned :D but bodyway, what's happend when tyrande is dead ?


Ye i dont get it - when and how did tyrande died?


The heck is that on Veron's head? lmao... And Gorrok is using an axe now I see. lol he likes changing weapons doesn't he?


Hmmm have followed this commic for quite some time now.

I wonder with all bosses loving tyrande and she emodying a white pidgon wich is the national symbol of peace if the author is going for a finale of world peace :P


The pigeon had something to do with it all xD


Oh, Tyrande. How many times have the Horde killed you while I laughed at your misfortune in trade chat. Nobody likes Darnassus.


So it was a set-up?Tyranade died than some druids or whatever turned her in to a pigeon so she could restore balance? Epic :)


I like the fact that Tyrande is the most powerful of all the racial leaders ((in lore anyway)) becuase she can literally call the power of a god down on her attackers.

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