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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: It's in Your Future
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It's in Your Future

To an Orc chief, shaking the hand of death is a mere corporeal act of touching some brittle bones and squeezing them in his hard green skin.

yours, 2lions



I miss the true ''Teh Gladiators'' :(


Man, I'm always waiting for some kind of comical surprise to happen :/ I'm really too used to the goofyness of Teh Gladiators


I like the 'Somewhat-serious' tone of this new story but also I expect to see something out-of-pace and weirdly funny at every page...

Guess it has become a habit for Teh Gladiators :)


I liked Teh Gladiators, and thought it ended a little too abruptly, but I really like this new story. It is already building up to something epic, and I am very excited to see where it goes.




I like this story. Teh Gladiators, felt like they had run their course. This story feels deeper with a bit more substance. Also on a side note, he did warn us before this started that it wasn't going to be as jokey.


Someone mentioned that the new story reminds of the classic wow days and I have to agree, it kinda brings back that great feeling and I can only be thankful about it. And the story doesn't seem boring, but it'd be better if we could see 4 strips per week, true story xD

P.S. Why not change the update day to Wednesday so at least some ppl don't whine about it? I mean it's still regular updates, just a different day :)


I miss the original :( I just realized i havent read this for a 3 weeks! Now that couldnt happen to me before


The original served its purpose. It was a funny comic that served us plenty of punchlines. The current story is more serious and will take some time to get really going. This is what makes it seem "boring" to those that were used to the exploits of Teh Gladiators. I personally like this new storyline, but it's a little like trying to read the A Song of Ice and Fire (better known as Game of Thrones) series 4 pages per week. Of course, that series has taken 15 years to get through 5 of 7 books. :P


I see,in the near future,catapults launching forsaken bones.
And then I see,the forsaken reanimating and killing the Alliance.

I love this comic.


I hope we can see the update today as promised and not Wednesday like last week.


It's not to late to bring in Teh Gladiators to save the day in thier< I have no idea what i am doing, Fashion. Bring the boys, and girl back to at least give it a more substantial ending.


Again late! Dude i'm clicking page ten times a week for an update!


plz update the red note at the top of the page. it still says SUNDAY (april 8), at least make it something a bit more accurate, like, this week if im in the mood or something

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