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Kraking Heads

This is how it begins. Let's see how it ends...

yours, 2lions




Chain lightning would be really good in this situation.

Doc Lithius

I guess you could say... it's time to crack some skulls.
Fruits! The comic description already made that joke! I'm terrible at this.


I am really finding it hard to hold my breath for a whole week until the next episode comes out.


After all these years, i simply HAD to register and post a comment now.

Being in movie & filmproduction, i love your work guys. Top-Class.

And while i liked the original wow-galdiators as a gulity-pleasure, also mainly for wow-insiders...well, the new storyline has me waiting (and enjoying) week by week - and i stopped playing wow years ago, its totally enjoyable outside & unconnected to wow.

Awesome, guys. Srsly.


Well, same here. I wrote this thing while not playing WoW since 2009. We are out of the game, but we still love the universe and that's why we did this.

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Teh Gladiators / The Gladiators
A world of warcraft (WoW arena) - inspired comic, from the award winning team - Uros Jojic & Borislav Grabovic. Updated weekly. Read the first 21 pages of heroic Gorrok, Vallant and Spin saga now at www.tehgladiators.com