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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: Leeeeeeeeroyy!!
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So today's episode is the first of a two-part mini-series starring everyone's favorite Paladin - Leeroy Jenkins! In my mind, someone is yet to produce a funnier World of Warcraft video than the original Leeroy. The thing that makes that clip even more special is that it's been made in the good-old days of LBRS and UBRS runs, when getting keyed for UBRS was a major accomplishment. I still look back upon those days as the golden days of WoW.

Yes, the game was a lot less polished, yes plenty of things were less refined and less friendly towards the casual player, but, by God, that was a real game. A game made by hardcore players for hardcore players. It's what initially got me hooked on WoW so much.

I have stopped playing roughly month and a half ago. Part of it is because the work commitments in these rather troubled economical times forced me to, but to be honest with you, I'm such a junkie, real life obligations were unlikely to be the sole reason for my WoW abstinence.

In reality, the game has changed so much for me, it's been watered down so much, that all sense of hardcore geek accomplishment I was getting out of it, slowly faded away with about the 5th or so Naxx 25 full clear.

Even the arenas are now fairly toned down and a lot more "forgiving" towards the rating numbers. As the game slowly transitions from its mid-life crisis into old age, so do the developers become more tolerant towards just about anyone willing to pay monthly. In its rather natural life cycle, an aging WoW is being bled dry for money, in making room for the next big Blizzard MMO (which I'm sure to play).

yours, 2lions




leeeeeeeeeeeeroy Jeeeeeeenkins!


OMG Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeroooooooooooy Jeeeeeeeeeeeenkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiins

i bet he charged into some deathknights or smthing

btw first :D

Edit: Damn, jonner beat me for 1 second >_>


Sounds a lot like why I retired, and I was only a casual player.

But anyway.....
Leeeeeeeeeeeerooooy Jeeeeeeenkiiiiiiins!


Haha brilliant!

Anyway I'm also concidering wow quit nowathen, but untill I can fully engulf myself in something to do while I'm bored, I'll just stick on it


Leeroy FTW!!!


Always nice to see and old legend brought back to life :)

About two months before Wotlk came out I decided to quit WoW. Like many other players, I just found it a bit boring and also a waste of time. But what i found out, was that I had nothing to do with all the extra spare time i suddenly had and I missed the social part of WoW. I returned when wotlk came out and I have no plans on leaving again :)


7th :P


*Playing SWG again ...*


The team always needed a healer and a new failure to be complete.



Eagle-Eye Vallant



check it back, I predicted Leeroy to appear :D


I like how Vallant and Leeroy go waaaay back like old buddies... so awesome!!


i retired month after wrath (in middle of lvling my dk :(...) now i have too much free time that i spend on playing my guitar and trying to sign for MMA now yet i have a positive strong feeling im going to return to wow


Jenkiiiiiiiiins ops no drakes to taunt xP


WEll WoW has that power to bring you back again and again :D Nice commic ... gting curious!


So it WAS Leeroy... can't say who's the worst between those 2.

ThunderSnow, im not sure if you're aware, but on an american forum board, Blizz announced that Ulduar (Release date still TBA) will have the difficulty of Sunwell Plateau. Now if that isn't for Hardcore players, I wonder what it is.


Leeeeeeeeroy Jenkins! =P


At least I have chicken.


I've never heard about Leeroy. Who is he?


Yeah, the good-old-days, I even had the key back then :D... as well as the T0,5 set!! wohooo!!
The game as changed to much for me aswell, pve wasn't realy atractive, and allong with my warlock pvp had died for me. :(
So yeah, I've quited aswell! perhaps darkfall as next mmorpg? we'll see


Alright, chums up, let's do this...


How is it possible that he knows Valant? :)


leeeeeeeeeeeeeroooooooooooooy! :D

i quit WoW like 4 months ago its done and out
it was like a dirty old sock i only wore it becuase i had nothing else


WAIT, wtf, I think I know what is going to happon!!! Leeeroy is joining the team OFC!!!
it's all so clear now!


Funnier vid than Leeroy?

You never watched Illegal Danish? :)


omg illegal danish :D its imba :P


Yea i totally get you on the toned down, bit. It's become so easy nowadays that for people like yourself and myself (and many others who had the experience of vanilla wow before anything else) there's just not much fun nor challenge to it. Naxx and everything in the game is to easy, and it being easy in my honest opinion makes it very boring. i have loved it for all these years but now i feel my time will end soon aswell. On another note, cant wait till the next part, leeeroyy jenkinns: At least i got chicken! Gj keep it up.


I also quit WoW a few month ago now. Because of our newborn, because of the money, because I have better things to do, and so an and so on... If I feel the need to play something I play a much cheaper MMO, but trust me, there is life beyond WoW.
Anyway, the legend of Leeeeroooooy Jenkiiiiins still floats around, and I'm almost sure it won't go away for a long time :)




haha, watered down. Can I show you a my word "stutu"? go to Firetree , all chosen's guildmates and hundreds of others know this word. You may use it for Leeeeeeeeeeroyy. stutu=cute more than stupid :D


If nobody ever heard, the homelands om the nage will be made into an instance later, not sure when or why they didnt make it a continent, but it's gonna happen :)

Also blizzard got enough places to make at least 3 or 4 more expansions, like the goblin homelands :)

Hope people wil read this and remember that it's not over yet :D


gogo new comic!

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