Mass Effect Andromeda best armors, what are they and how to get them?


If you think that surviving in Mass Effect: Andromeda is difficult, you don’t have a good combination of armor. We agree that weapons are typically important. However, armor is the best way to protect yourself from enemy attacks and severe weather conditions. In this article, you will be provided a series of methods guiding you how to make a mass effect Andromeda best armor. With this guide, you can have more time to beat your enemies due to using the super cool and great armor.

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mass effect andromeda best armor

As we claimed above, we firstly created the important process how to reach the mass effect Andromeda best armor, and then we will note the list of these armors based on the armor’s perks and stats. To be honest, it is no way to obtain the best armor set for players to pick up. The most suitable armor combination in mass effect Andromeda will depend on what stats you are searching for, what perks you desire for your mass effect Andromeda best armor.

Modifying Your Armor in Your Pathfinder’s Quarters:

If you want to give the armor your own flair, switch its colors, or change the armor sets, it can all be done there. In order to do these things, let’s come to your Pathfinder’s Quarters, its position is in Deck 3. When you enter your room, you have to turn left and find your wardrobe, where you will receive the option to decorate your casual outfit that you will sport around the Nexus, Tempest, Aya, and your best armor in mass effect andromeda as well. In terms of your casual outlook, you can change the colors and select a short sleeves, long sleeves, jacket, or hoodies. In case of your mass effect Andromeda best armor, you will be able to change the tint by using these 3 options:

Default Tints: Each armor piece has its own default colors. Under-armor is auto-tinted depended on your chest piece’s color.

Auto Tint: Under-armor and all armors are auto-tinted depended on your chest piece’s color.

Custom Tints: They can disable all the auto-tinting. You pick up the colors and patterns to apply your armor. There are 3 colors to decorate a pattern select and pattern color option.

mass effect andromeda best armor 1

R&D – a necessary part to obtain more mass effect Andromeda best armor:

However, before obtaining these best armors in mass effect Andromeda, you have to conduct a R&D (research and develop) for it. You can carry this part in the Tempest’s Research Room, where you can access your AVP Status Control, deploy strike teams, and access a kiosk. In order to research an item or an armor, you are require to gather enough Data Points. Data Doints can be acquired through scanning a series of objects along the Andromeda galaxy. They are classified into three categories including Heleus points, Milky Way points, and Remnant points. Heleus points are spent on Agara and Kett tech and armor. Milky Way points are spent on tech and armor from Mass Effect trilogy races. And Remnant points are spent on Remnant tech and armor.

Until you gather enough Data Points for the item you desire, let’s research it and then change to the Development section with the aim of crafting it. You may need to collect the materials asked so as to craft it. After that, you only equip your new armor from the Load-out menu to finish this step to obtain the mass effect Andromeda best armor.

For some exceptions, some armors that can’t be researched or developed. There are also several pieces of armor exclusively served as a pre-order and several additional deluxe editions.

mass effect andromeda best armor 2

Choosing the best armor in mass effect Andromeda:

After the R&D completion, it is the time to pick up the mass effect Andromeda best armor for all of you.

Mass Effect Andromeda Best Armors (Combat, Tech, Biotic, Survival):

You have a list of defensive choices in Mass Effect: Andromeda and you may feel difficult to choose. Therefore, we would like to imply sets of the mass effect Andromeda best armor you can achieve. They are the most incredible armors for combat, biotic, tech, or survival.

You may deeply know that weapons are important when damaging the evil Kett and ne’er-do-wells in the Heleus Cluster, solid armor needs to survive during the threats you will meet when playing Mass Effect: Andromeda. You can mix and match the 4 slots such as Arms, Helmet, Legs, and Chest to get the perks best fitted for your style.

Among various technologies you will definitely pay attention to the same perks pop up such as Power Duration, Damage increases, Max Shields increase… However, there are several sets giving higher perks versions rather than others. Cover the most powerful of all types of users so you will know which mass effect Andromeda best armor

If you love getting in there with guns and use Combat Powers, you will want defense, increased Weapon Damage. There are a few options which are perfectly proper for you.

  • Kett Unity

This armor is mostly used for Combat rather than the other armors in the mass effect Andromeda best armor list. It increases both your Weapon Damage and Power Damage, permitting you to rapidly dispatch any enemy along your way. However, it’s not the best set in overall, so you will have to run around looking like a Kett.

mass effect andromeda best armor 4

  • Kett Fusion

Unity may sometimes be hard to gain during the process of gaining mass effect Andromeda best armor. However, you can craft Fusion armor early in the game, and it contains nearly the same perks.

mass effect andromeda best armor 5

Maverick Deadeye – This is more suitable for long-range fighters (those who prefer Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles). Each piece of this list raises Headshot/Weak Point damage bonuses as well as giving extra spare ammo. Hence, you can snipe enemies with a higher speed and have more shots before finding ammunition.

  • Heleus Defender

 This is a two-piece combo and it’s one of the best armor in Mass Effect: Andromeda in its quality towards the others belonging to the mass effect Andromeda best armor set. It enhances the entire Weapon Damage, Power Damage, and Damage Resistance. You may own it under Combat, but sincerely, it will be great for any player. Otherwise, it also consists of 4 augmentation slots in the chest piece so as to add a few additional bonuses towards your favorite abilities.

mass effect andromeda best armor 6

The mass effect Andromeda best Armor set:

  • Remnant Heritage Armor:

This set offers some of the best stats in the list of mass effect Andromeda best armor in the gameplay. It also has a relatively great looking set of armor, and has several nice perks that make your surviving ability much higher. When paired together with the whole set, the Remnant Heritage Armor will provide you a high damage resistance. In addition, it also offers powerful upgrades to your shield and health. Moreover, your time of regenerating your health and shields also be decreased so much.

It is perfect for those who love taking lots of bullets to the chest and still keep walking. The biggest drawback of this armor is that it may require a big number of Remnant Research Data to unlock and develop.

mass effect andromeda best armor 7

  • N7 Armor:

We actually have already represented you how to obtain the N7 Armor. However, this stylish recall back to Commander Shepard is related to more than just providing an iconic armor list for Mass Effect fans to install. This armor is one of the best available armor sets belong to the mass effect Andromeda best armor. Especially, if you are looking forward to making use of the game’s various Biotic abilities, it’s a great choice. Although it requires among 1500 Milky Way Research Data to open the first level. It is still really worth the investment as it upgrades your shields, Biotic damage power, and Biotic recharge.

mass effect andromeda best armor 8

  • Hyper guardian Armor:

If you prefer slamming enemies’ brains by your Omni-tool, or you just want something to melee to your little heart. In the mass effect Andromeda best armor, this is an armor set you will expect to use during the gameplay. It will ask you for a 725 Milk Way Research Data Points to unlock the full combination. which offers you extra boosts to your shields, health, and melee attack output.

mass effect andromeda best armor 9

  • Heleus Defender Armor:

The Heleus Defender Armor set is quite different compared to other armor set in the mass effect Andromeda best armor. The reason is that it can be reached in two pieces: a chest and a helmet piece that will surely cover the entire body. You get less customization afterward, but this armor is actually a strong jack-of-all-trades gear piece. Remember that its off-putting purple and white color scheme can be switched in your quarters. It provides you with bonuses to Weapon Damage, Power Damage, and Damage Resistance. Besides that, it will cost 1900 Heleus Cluster Research Data points for an initial research.

mass effect andromeda best armor 10

  • Pre-order the Bonus Armor: The cool Deep Space Explorer Set

The Deep Space Explorer armor Set is voted as the best starting armor in this game, but there’s a downturn catch: it is a bonus for pre-ordering in the game. If you have already access to this armor within a pre-order, you will be allowed to choose it in the Pathfinders’ Quarters aboard the Tempest. It is held by a terminal near where you receive your emails. The Deep Space Explorer set also offers an extra to all encounters EXP and increases your weapon damage outcome. It is also a positive one to help you obtain the mass effect Andromeda best armor.

mass effect andromeda best armor 11