Mass Effect Andromeda Unearthed and Making an Impression


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Today is a BIG day, and we will talk about two essentialmissions that you MUST complete while playing this game. It includes Mass Effect Andromeda Unearthed and Mass Effect Andromeda Making an Impression.

mass effect andromeda unearthed

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A Full Guide of Mass Effect Andromeda Unearthed

Unearthed is an additional mission that you can pick up from Sage Fleera, who you meet when getting to the top of the Mithrava tower during the mission “A Dying Planet.”

Let’s find her on the north side of the tower!

Although she feels unhappy because you interrupt her teaching, she still mentions some Remnant artifacts that might have been exposed by Havarl’s hyperactive plant growth later.

So, the mission here is to collect enough all the unearthed Remnant devices.

mass effect andromeda unearthed 1

Since you’re here, we guide you how to gather.

  • From the Tempest, start working your way towards the right. The first unearthed Remnant device is off to the right of the ship’s ramp.
  • The second one is to the north close to the ruins of Raashel’s home.
  • The third one is to the north of the broken bridge on the east side of the Angaran base.
  • To find the fourth unearthed Remnant device, you need to find some rocks that are opposite to the eastern wall in the second nook along the north.
  • Both the fifth and sixth ones are along the edge of the river. One is on the north end while the other is on the south.
  • The Ancient Courtyard area is on the east side of the Havarl’s map. So, if you move toward the southwest corner of this area, you will find the seventh one.
  • Both the last unearthed Remnant devices are just behind Havarls’ vault against the wall.

After collecting enough, the mission Mass Effect Andromeda Unearthed will be done. Wonderfully, you will receive 270 XP, 29 AVP, and +2% Havarl viability.

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A Full Guide of Mass Effect Andromeda Making an Impression

Making an Impression is known as one of the side quests in Mass Effect Andromeda. You can start this mission after setting an outpost on Eos and enhancing the living conditions on the planet. Then you can see Hainly Abrams in the outpost and remember to talkwith her to get the task.

Below are four main requests that you MUST complete in this mission, guys!

Place the first seismic hammer

The area where you need to place the first seismic hammer is close and west from the Eos outpost. As getting there, you have to kill a small Remnant group and put the hammer where the game guides you. After doing that, a new group of Remnant occurs.

At this time, you can either eliminate the Remnants or leave this place.Everything depends on you.

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Place the second seismic hammer

From the first position, start moving toward the southwest to come across a group of friendly people. Here, you can perform in one of the two ways, including:

  • If you want to complete the quest according to the will of those from the Eos outpost, you should place the second seismic hammer where the water frill is.
  • But, in case you need to be an ally to these people here, please put the hammer where the gas drill is. This permits them to trade with the outpost.

Place the third seismic hammer

The third one should to be placed close to the second one, east from it. Before doing that, you need to save the game and activate the forward station.

Defeat the Remnant Architect

mass effect andromeda making an impression

Since saving the game when placing the third hammer will make the giant Remnant Architect occur, you will face up to a BIG fight in this mission.

And to win the battle in Mass Effect Andromeda Making an Impression, you have to follow our instructions as well as tipsbelow.

How to fight?

During the battle with the Remnant Architect, you should avoid staying in the open field. It’s okay search for walls, buildings and any objects that can be availed as a cover.

However, DO NOT finish the battle by availing the cover only since some attacks from the Architect might hurt you even you’re behind a cover.

A few special attacks that you can recognize easily is where it can throw a bunch of grenades and send some kinds of energy wave. Luckily, these attacks are indicated so you can evade by running from them. Or if your character can utilize camouflage, simply activate it as an alternate for covering.

Remember that you can give orders to your teammates while battling. As doing that, make sure to aim at the Architect’s legs firstly, particularly the pink and glowing conduits in its legs at first.

Note that you only have 30 seconds to send enough damage to the leg. Hence, try to make precise shots to avoid wasting the ammo and other supplies.

In some cases, the Architect can spawn some remnant bots to turn your attention to them. When this occurs, you need to stop attacking it and destroy the bots as soon as possible. Don’t forget to use your teammates to support by directing them to attack.

If you have not gotten the Architect’s head open after defeating the bots, please go back to shooting its legs. Until you send enough damage to the legs, the robot’s head will appear, showing a new and spherical power cable inside.

Your job, of course, is to shoot it down.

One more thing that you MUST notice when attacking one of the Architect’s legs is that it might start to move. It’s okay to let it run since it won’t go far.

And this is the best time for you to look for new covers and ammo crates. Usually, these crates are surrounding your battlefield. Hence, just take a break, find the boxes to resupply and heal up, and then observe where Architect is to continue attacking.

mass effect andromeda making an impression 2

To attain the final victory, you have to drain all health points from the Remnant Architect’s head. And when it falls to the ground, you need to run to its head and tap the interaction key instantly.

It will be sent into the orbit while you receive a nice crate of spoils.

After the battle is done, you should talk to Hainly over the radio to complete the mission.

Tips for defeating the giant Remnant Architect

Aside from following our step-by-step guide above, you need to know how the Architect combats. From there, you can easily kill it.

This big remnant has three main attacks, including:

  • The first attack is a normal automatic gun that can fire a short yet strong barrage at you. Its projectiles are slow and don’t run through the cover, so you can avoid them by using jump-jets. That means you are able to keep firing the entire time without hunkering down behind the cover.
  • The second one is a small group of bombs that can explode after a short fuse tick down. Since the Architect can lob these behind cover, you should be careful of hiding.
  • The last one is a big beam of energy that strikes hard and leaves a shortly persistent place of effect on the ground. Since it can access your cover, the best way is to get out of the way.

Always bear in mind that the easiest way to attack the Remnant Architect is to fire at it with an onslaught rifle while bouncing from right to left and back again and shooting off damaging powers if necessary. This permits you to dodge its assaults easily.

Additionally, when fighting, you should be watchful of popping adds. They tend to distract you from escaping from the Architect’s attacks. Try to defeat them as soon as you possibly could.

More tips to consider

  • Stay close to the cover when the Architect sends some damaging attacks.
  • Avoid attacking from beneath because this giant remnant robot can create a field under its legs that hurt a lot.
  • Don’t play as a hero. Although you can avoid its attack by strafing, you’re never going to survive a frontal attack because this robot has lots of lasers. It’s best to strafe, shoot around, hide, dodge, and cover.
  • Be patient, please. Since the Remnant Architect will absorb a tremendous amount of damage from your excessive number of bullets, you need a lot of time to rout it. So, don’t rush it.
  • Use long-range weapons or a sniper or an assault to attack effectively. Avoid activating melee attacks because of their size and the robot can protect itself from them.
  • Don’t forget to equip the incendiary ammo that can send more damage to the boss.
  • Always take the sticky grenades to reduce its health points.

mass effect andromeda making an impression 3

To sum up

As long as you follow our guide carefully, you easily complete the missions in both Mass Effect Andromeda Unearthed and Mass Effect Andromeda Making an Impression. Make sure you remember what you should do firstly as well as availing tips to play better.

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