Dinosaur game multiplayer, an Amazing .io Game by Rapperkey



Dinosaur Game Multiplayer Rapperkey is the upgrade version of the original Google Chrome Dinosaur game which allows players to play Online and also comes with both Multiplayer mode and Friend mode. Do you know that there are many tips, tricks and also hacks available in this game? I’ve been playing this game for quite some time and found out a few things that I’d like to share today. Stay tuned, I’m about to let you know now.

This is a great upgrade version of the original Google Chrome Dinosaur game 



Different from the original version, Dinosaurgame.io is a Massively Multiple Online (MMO) game that features Online mode and allows multiple players from all over the world to join at the same time. Right now I’m also trying my best to put my name into the top 10 of the Leaderboard.

The Gameplay of this game is pretty simple but very addictive. To start this game, you will be given a cute 2D dinosaur and your mission is to try to control that little cute one to jump and dodge all obstacles along the way, including Cactuses and Ducks. From what I see, while playing this game, there will be other players joining at the same time to compete with me. They are represented as “shadow dinosaurs” running in the background.

How far can you run in this game?

Dinosaur IO game tips and tricks

From what I feel, the key to reach higher score in this game is to focus all the time. While playing Dinosaurgame.io, there are a lot of other dinosaurs running in the background that make me feel distracted. However, once I have adapted to the gameplay and given more focus, I start to earn more and more points.

When you see a flying duck, try to wait until it flies close to the ground and jump over them right at that moment. This is the best way to get rid of ducks that I have noticed.

In Friend mode, I could enjoy playing with my best friends in a private room. No strangers are allowed to access into my room unless I grant permission to them. So how do I invite friends to a private room to play? What I have to do is Copy the link of my Room and then share that particular link to other friends of mine. Once they’ve clicked on my link, they will be able to join right away.

Friend mode with private rooms is a great feature in the game

Is there any way to hack this game?

Unfortunately for you, in Dinosaurgame.io, the answer is No. If you are looking for hack tips, then you could try with the Original Google Dinosaur game, they do have a hack for invincible (undead hack) and a hack to slow down the game speed but that will be discussed in another separate topic.

Final Recommendation:

Dinosaurgame.io is a perfect upgrade version of Google Dinosaur game; it allows players from around the world to compete with each other and connecting people. I did enjoy playing this game via Multiplayer mode and especially Friend mode.