Electric Man 2 Hacked


We know you’re here to look for Electric Man 2 Hacked. And we’re sure that this fun flash game is one of the most excellent fighting games on the market today.

Why is it so attractive? It’s because it’s hacked, isn’t it?

Indeed, when playing Electric Man 2, most of the players affirm that it’s not easy to beat all the levels as they expected. This game asks a lot of patience, and some levels need you to try again and again.

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Moreover, you cannot upgrade your character’s new skills or even the power as the game progresses. Meanwhile, your opponents become stronger and stronger after each level. Hence, taking down the enemies to move to the next round seems to be unfair.

Although you can try yourself in order to finish the game, there are always issues relating to the completion of some levels. That’s why you need to turn to Electric Man 2 Hacked, take advantage of this hack, and complete the levels that are too challenging.

What is Electric Man 2 Hacked and how to play it?

At first sight, Electric Man 2 Hacked is similar to Electric Man 2 – one of the popular stickmen fighting games today.

You will join a tournament, guide your stickman to fight against opponents, and try to knock them out successfully. Before doing anything, you need to select the character, name, and color. Then start choosing the opponents or attacking them in order.

Although you’re in the hacked game, you will experience a training course to learn how to fight. Keep in mind that you must complete this course to enter the tournament.

Take a look at main keys for playing this game below!

  • Left and right arrow keys are to run left and right.
  • Down arrow key is to dodge.
  • A, S, and D keys are to punch, kick, and grab.
  • Q, W, and E keys are to punch, kick, and grab in slow motions.

A BIG note that you should consider is to use the fighting action in slow motions because you can do at a time. Avoid using all the time because they take more energy.

As outlined above, the problem that we care about is all about upgrading new skills and power after each level. The truth is that you only receive 50 powers for all the levels and NO skills.

However, in Electric Man 2 Hacked, you might enjoy 200 powers and unlimited electricity to attack. That means you can fight longer without worrying about the limited power. Additionally, if you wonder about new skills for your character, try playing and you willl know.

In conclusion

In case you reckon that you don’t need to spend more hours on playing a level over and over again, Electric Man 2 Hacked is the best solution at this time. This cool game doesn’t only help you overcome with ease but also allow you to get a chance to play for free.

There is no reason for you to say NO, right? Tap here and enjoy now!