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In an article, Niantic mentioned that Sinnoh Pokemon (originally created Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum) will be published in waves, with the first batch showing up today followed by additional Pokemon in the weeks to come. As expected, Sinnoh Pokemon are on air to catch in the wild, battle in raids, or hatch in eggs and have already been played by users on Reddit. Let’s check it out!

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Pokemon Go Release:

While we don’t know which Pokemon have been published in this first stage, Niantic specifically announced the starter Pokemon Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup in its note, and a trailer showed this morning also reveals Munchlax, Mamoswine, Shellos, Gastrodon, Glaceon, Leafeon, Pachirisu, Garchomp, Lucario, Buneary, and a trailer for Legendary PokemonGiratina. In addition, a promo picture (seen above) also consists of Bidoof, Starly, Staravia, Shinx, and Luxray.

Dinosaur Game Multiplayer

Niantic has been launching the release of Generation 4 since July when a demo featuring the starter Pokemon was out for Pokemon Go’s second anniversary. Generation 4’s release carries on an annual release cycle for the viral Pokemon generations, chasing the first Pokemon Go from Generation 2 in the end 2016 and the first Pokemon Go from Generation 3 among Halloween last year.

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Despite Generation 4’s come out, a few Pokemon from past generations are currently still disappearing from Pokemon Go. While all 151 Kanto Pokemon are now on the shelf, Smeargle has still not been published from Generation 2, and Nincada, Ninjask, Shedinja, Kecleon, Clamperl, Huntail, Gorebyss, and Jirachi are all still invisible from Generation 3.

For much more on Pokemon Go, take a look about the giant Safari Zone event that occurred in Japan last month, and chats with the people keeping Pokemon Go alive in 2018.

Pokemon Go Fest 2018:

While the overall player data is low compared to its incredible launch, Niantic’s AR hit is still going up two years later, with an estimated $1.8 billion in sales and $70 million last month with its own according to the statistic.

This weekend, Niantic celebrates its second annual Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago, overcoming last year’s attached issues and instead of popping up the game’s biggest strength: its forum. With new plans coming every month and near-weekly in-game events, Pokemon Go has hit its stride in the wake of its second birthday, and it isn’t losing heat any time soon.

The Second Time Around:

Catching up an inaugural Pokemon Go Fest plagued by issues, Niantic dealt a class action lawsuit and thousands of unpleasant fans last year. Of the many targets set for Pokemon Go in 2018, one was for sure: Pokemon Go Fest had to go well.

As CEO John Hanke mentioned us earlier this year, Niantic learned the lessons from the last stumbles to make future events stronger. Taking the mistakes from the end of last year’s Go Fest, Pokemon Go events have radically transformed to occur over entire cities in order to decline cellular network strain, a tactic that has worked smoothly for events in Europe and Asia since last year.

“There’s obviously a lot of lesson from Chicago, and we’ve spoken out publicly that that was a hard day for Niantic, one of the hardest in our history. We took experiences from that,” Niantic CMO Mike Quigley expressed IGN at this year’s Go Fest.

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Those lessons consider having paid off. Walking through this year’s event, the issues from 2017 were nowhere to be leaked. The attachment was nearly flawless throughout the entire two-day event, and the structure – go viral across a 1.8-mile path in Lincoln Park – led players to score of interest including manytopics real-world “habitats” with different of Pokemon spawns. Hubs for event check-in were located at the far opposite north and south ends of the park, erasing lines and potential cellular bottlenecks.

  • Addition Quote:

“It’s very iterative and I think we hold each event seriously in the sense that we try to make it unique a little bit, make sure it’s something special so it’s not just a cookie cutter rinse and imitates thing,” Quigley said. “The overview you see here today with the four structures and the lounges at the north and south end is actually us reflecting and trying to positive as opposed to just saying ‘let’s just go brute force and let’s try to keep a higher amount of people in a smaller space.’ I predict in hindsight it sounds like something that we should have already known, but there are just some things you can’t recognize until you try them. The thing I’m proudest of is we just carried ontrying to push and be angry and be innovative.”

A Pokemon Renaissance:

Looking back a year, Pokemon Go was having a rough time last summer. Even aside from the problems at Go Fest, last summer’s events were come by the introduction of the invite-only EX Raid system, a controversial characteristic that split the public, as well as a drought of the major new situation leading into autumn. But throughout those pushes in the road, Niantic was listening and adapting.

Available features have been refined and enhanced, and in 2018, Niantic has found a much more efficiently, more consistent cadence of upgrades and monthly events to rally the forum. The creator has also hired an ever-growing community guild behind the scenes to facilitate better experiences for the players, contains the monthly Community Day, which features a colorful Pokemon with an exclusive move.


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  • Quigley’s point of view:

“We’ve said this before, but we let the community show us the way a lot,” Quigley said. “We’re listening, and we’re trying to have a responsibility to not only some of the elevate ideas internally, but to what the fans want from us. [Pokemon] is an IP that’s already 22 years old and growing stronger and stronger, and we feel we’re helping to donate to that. If we’re not continuing fans happy, then we’re going to break down.”

Quigley says the development team works next to The Pokemon Company to make sure new sectionsworthy not just for Pokemon Go, but for the Pokemonbrand in general. “It’s been an adapting curve for both companies. There are some things that we have learned in our history that they haven’t and vice versa. I think that it’s pleased to be growing this “child” experience together with them, making sure they feel relaxed, that we’re having a right decision by Pokemon overall globally, and that we’re also helping to put some fresh energy and fresh features for folks.”

Speaking to players of the Pokemon Go community, it’s clear that Niantic’s strategies are paying off.

“There’s just a lot more than we have to do in the game than there was two years ago,” YouTuber Nicholas Oyzon said IGN at Go Fest. Under the name Trainer Tips, Oyzonbegun his channel at Pokemon Go’s release and has grown into one of the most trendingPokemon Go influencers, nearing 750,000 viewers with videos concentrated on traveling while playing the game and his love of the direct Pokemon series.

“When you hear people saying ‘oh, you’re still in love with that game?’ they’re thinking it’s still the same old game as it was at the first release, and it’s really not. There’s so much increasing from that.”

Stronger Together:

While Niantic hasn’t always required social features natively, the forum has been able to fill in the blanks themselves. The Silph Road, a thriving Pokemon Go forum that started as a potential trading marketplace, has taken a step into a research hub for many things Pokemon Go. From determining the potential of in-game events to install software updates, the team works together to solve some of the game’s issues.

On the one hand, we’ve developed fast because we are interested in the game has grown. We kept growing all throughout these two years, but growth has sped up, for sure,” The Silph Road co-founder Drones expressed IGN.

  • Silph Road’s reacts:

“More people come back to the game, the weather is brighter in the northern hemisphere, and the social objects have brought a lot of ordinary players back. That reacts in the Silph Road’s activity and growth, and that’s really impressive to see.” Aside from online platform, local in-person groups also add a new level of teamwork to Pokemon Go, playing and raiding in crowds to keep each other developed.

“These communities stimulate one another to help out the better in each other,” Lapian said. “There are so many players out there that constantly grind, head to level 40, and even beyond level 40, there are groups donated to getting 100 million experience, which is incredibly crazy. And they work together as groups, which is so much more than the solo experience that we first had when the game was released.”

One of the most alive of those groups is in Singapore, which is the hometown of Brandon Tan, the number one Pokemon Go player in the world rank. Tan has up to 571 million experience scores in Pokemon Go, nearly 29 times the game’s level cap.

“I’m a number in the rank. I like looking at the numbers raising up,” Tan told IGN. “Whether it’s the XP going or the level climbing or whether it’s just looking at the in-game credit increasing. Those things you can do, I enjoy looking at.”

Tan stays in groups for “tap and goes” speed raiding, focusing to the second how long his group needs to lie in one place before moving next to another gym, maximizing the number of experience scores they can gain in a day. For Tan, playing this way owns a different stage of teamwork than traditional play, as it offers everyone to stay perfectly in sync.

Staying Power:

As with any online game, the question becomes how long this lasts. Even as Niantic prepares to put the third game to its roster with the publishing of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite in the future, Quigley believes in Niantic can maintain Pokemon Go’s on trending by being wise about staffing and growing where it needs to, as it did with Pokemon Go’s community group. That potential longevity is pushed simply by Pokemon Go’s uniqueness features.

While many imitators have launched in the last two years, none have been able to go up to Pokemon Go’s level of success. Martyn, Lapian, and Tan are professional in the mobile space, filling withSupercell’s Clash of Clans before moving up to Pokemon Go. None of them seem caring about Pokemon Go’s longevity.