Guide how to unlock all characters in SSF and Super Smash Flash 2


Super Smash Flash 2 (usually abbreviated as SSF2) and Super Smash Flash are interesting flash fighting fan series games inspired by Super Smash Bros series and created by the Super Smash Flash 2 Developer Group. This is really a great series game with addictive gameplay and familiar and rich character system. It can say that the character system is a highlight attractive point of thesegame because they gather so many famous characters from many universes. This system is divided into two parts including starter characters and unlockable characters in which, this series game’s players are very interested in how to unlock the unlockable characters. For this reason, this article will mention super smash flash and super smash flash 2 how to unlock all characters. Continue reading to learn detailed.

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What is unlockable character?

First of all, we need to understand what is an unlockable character in SSF series game. In fact, the unlockable character is the one that isn’t available at the start of the game until we encounter and defeat in a challenge match.

In both SSF and SFF2, the player must meet the unique criteria if want to unlock a certain character. Usually, you must complete a particular in-game feat, after that, the message “Warning! Challenger Approaching!” will be displayed with the locked character’s image. In order to unlock this, you must complete the in-game feat and take down the enemies in a 1-stock match. For each unlockable character, the player must unlock it in a different stage. In SSF, there are 15 unlockable characters while in SSF2, there are total 6 unlockable characters including Waluigi, Pichu, Krystal, Simon, Rayman, and Sandbag.

Super Smash Flash 2 how to unblock all characters

Character Image Universe Description How to unlock
Pichu Pokémon Pichu is a tiny Electric-type Mouse Pokémon that evolves into Pikachu. Because of this, in fact, except weaker and faster, much of moveset and attributes of this character are so similar to Pikachu. In addition, Pichu also damages itself when using some electric attacks like Electro Ball or Thunder because of its inexperience in containing electric charges. When it is damaged long enough, it will be felt in the discharged state. At that time, its attacks will become slightly different and more powerful control a Pikachu and play a match in any mode except training. The Pichu will be unlocked when your controlled Pikachu accumulates at least 172% damage
Waluigi Wario Waluigi – a recurring character in various Mario spin-offs games is another unlockable character in SSF2. He is known as the purple-clad rival of Luigi as well as partner of Wario. His position shows us that he is a part of the Wario universe. People said that the reveal of Waluigi was shown at Super Smash Con 2018, during the Day 3 livestream, however, in fact, until this time, this character has never appeared


To be announced
Sandbag Super Smash Bros Sandbagis a recurring character in Super Smash Bros and also belongs to Super Smash Bros universe. Being considered as a joke character of the game with unusual physics and playstyle, you can unlock this character in the stage of Waiting Room In order to unlock this character, you need to complete Classic by using a random character with the difficulty is at least Normal without using continues or play against the online player who has beaten developer
Rayman Rayman This is the main character in the Rayman Origins and he still owns long-ranged attacks (although they are weak) and melee attacks from his appearance in the original. In addition, he also can use his hair to attack the enemies or slow his descent To be announced
Krystal Star Fox Krystal is the most unique fighter of Star Fox universe with the main weapon is a trusty staff and she uses this in the majority of her attacks. In addition, she is also equipped with an array or other weapons that take from Star Fox Assault. She will be available in SSF2 beta’s future release, so, at this time, nobody knows how to unlock this character.


To be announced
Simon Castlevania Simon is the last unlockable character in SSF2 and is a member of the Belmont clan – a clan of hunters owns immense power and have participated in the combat against Dracula for centuries. He belongs to the universe of Castlevania and still appears with the design like in the game Castlevania Chronicles. Similar to Castlevania series, in SSF2, his main moveset still consists of the attacks with his whip, Vampire Killer, crosses, axes or bottles of holy water To be announced


Unlockable characters in Super Smash Flash

Character Image Universe Description How to unlock
Blue McLeodGaming Blue is an unlockable character based on the sonic fan characters. He is a clone of Blade but owns more powerful strength, longer range of attacks, and slower speed. Clear Adventure with Blade on the difficulty at least is Normal.
Cloud Final Fantasy This character has fast movement speed, long disjointed range, and high damage output. A special point in his abilities is that he can use his side attack to cancel his horizontal movement, increasing his survivability. The weakness of Cloud is that his attacks are slower than average. Complete 100-Man Melee with any character.
Crono CHRONO Crono is a swordsman who is fast and has plenty of disjointed moves, allowing him to quickly overwhelm opponents. In combat, he can cancel his horizontal momentum to increase his survivability by attacking. He has great instant-KO attacks. Clear 3-Minute Melee with any character
InuYasha InuYasha Similar to Crono, he has so fast speed and many of disjointed moves that can help him to overwhelm opponents quickly. Clear Adventure without losing any lives.
Jigglypuff Pokémon This character is very slow both on the ground and in the air. It is more susceptible to horizontal KOs than most of other characters. Clear Adventure with any character.
Lloyd Tales Lloyd is ranked at the top of the tier list with so fast, strong, and range moves. This ability makes him become one of the strongest fighters in the close range combat. Clear Adventure with any character you want after having one hour of total play time.
Luigi Mario Luigi is rank the third on the tier list with excellent horizontal movement, the abilities to jumps high and good KO power. He is able to use the Fireball – the best projectile in the game with very fast speed and firing rate. Clear Adventure with Mario on at least normal difficult.
Mewtwo Pokémon Mewtwo has a good array of projectiles that can help him in combat. However, his abysmal air-speed is a weakness of him because it gives him a bad recovery. This also makes Mewtwo become one of the characters who have the lowest survivability in the game. Clear Adventure with both Pikachu and Jigglypuff.
Mr. Game & Watch Game & Watch This character has a small hurtbox and short ranged projectile that can help him deal with certain approaches. In addition, he also has the abilities to create quick damage with up and side attacks. Complete Target Test with every character but him.
Mr. Incredible The Incredibles His name showed us his abilities and he is one of the hardest hitting characters in the game. He has an incredible damage racking ability up to over 100% damage in only one hit. He also can KO his opponents without requiring instant-KO attacks. Clear Classic with all the starter characters.
Naruto Naruto Naruto is a quite strong character with fast attacks, deceptive range, and strong finishers. These strengths allow him to overwhelm many opponents quickly. However, his weakness is that Naruto doesn’t have conventional projectiles, which gives him difficulty when battling against other characters like Tails or Mario. Clear Adventure with all the starter characters.
Shadow Sonic Shadow is a character who owns decent KO power in up and down aerial attacks. However, his weakness is that the attack’s range and high startup/ending lag are poor to mediocre. Clear Adventure with Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles.
Super Sonic Sonic Super Sonic is the fastest character in SSF with great attack and horizontal speed. He can use his Spin Dash to approach while creating damage, overwhelm the opponents, and KO them with a decent finish. Clear Classic with Sonic without using any continues.
Young Link The Legend of Zelda The strength of this character is that he has two solid projectiles, high jump ability, and fairly good range. His weakness is that he is quite slow and has some bad horizontal movement in the air. Clear Classic with Link on any difficulty.
Zero Mega man Zero’s strength is that he has a solid projectile in his Zero Buster, excellent range and good KO moves. He can perform his up and down attacks very well and also has fairly fast. Clear Adventure with Mega Man X on normal difficulty or higher without using continues.


Conclusion: Above is all the information about the unlockable characters in SSF, SSF2 as well as SSF and super smash flash 2 how to unlock all characters. Hope that this information is useful for you. Thank you for reading!