Superfighters Unblocked Games


Superfighters Unblocked Games truly blows me away, even more than its original game of Superfighters. Of course, I will tell what this unblocked game attracted me, and I also believe you will have the same thought after enjoying it.

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Introduction to Superfighters Unblocked Games

First of all, you need to know that MythoLogic Interactive has created this awesome game. And two more BIG names behind it include Alexander GurtSiigur, who controls division of programming, and Johan Hjarpe, who’s the top of design and graphics for the game.

Since its appearance in 2011, over 7 million people have been playing it every day. As an enthusiastic gamer, you don’t want to miss this game for sure.

This side-scrolling shooter includes three different modes. And you will take control of different characters that can avail a huge range of weapons in order to get rid of dangerous opponents.

Some useful actions that you can perform are to stealthily snipe the opponents from afar, run and fire at the same time, throw explosives to knock out them, and so on. Additionally, you’re advised to use tactics to guarantee your character’s life such as filling up cabinets, taking cover behind boxes, etc.

Gameplay features of Superfighters Unblocked Games

Tutorial Mode

As a newbie, the first and foremost thing is that you need to experience the Tutorial to learn how to play the game, jump, roll on the ground, navigate, avoid obstacles, and more. Especially, this game highlights some great features that can be used to attack opponents, jump over long spikes, etc.

Since you can play alone or with your friend, you should be proficient in using keys below.

  • Player 1 – Tap the arrow keys to move and N, M, “,” & “.” to use weapons.
  • Player 2 – Tap WASD keys to move and 1, 2, 3, 4 to use weapons.

A BIG note in this part is that you can change the keys if you’re not comfortable with the default ones. Just click on “Set up” button on the main screen and perform.

Game Modes

As outlined above, Superfighters Unblocked Games offers three game modes that can be enjoyed by a single player as well as by 2 ones.

  • VS mode – You need to fight against the opponents one by one.
  • Survival mode – The opponents keep appearing constantly, and you have to survive individually or with your team as long as possible.
  • Stages mode – You start in a storyline and try to overcome all of the stages.

Depending on your own ability, you can either play this game alone or create up to 4 teams of 7 members. Each goes with an assigned color as green, yellow, red, and blue.

Fighting features

It is the most critical part that any gamer needs to master in order to finish the game with the best result.

Note that you can carry out a melee attack that is known as a fist fight with the opponents. Make sure you tap on the melee attack repeatedly until the opponent is knocked out.

Besides, Superfighters Unblocked Games highlights a variety of guns. Interestingly, you can replace an already existing weapon with the new one on the ground. For instance, you can switch the machine gun into a pistol that helps to aim and send more damage to the opponents.  As a plus, don’t forget to use grenades to blow the opponents from any position.

In short

Superfighters Unblocked Games is the violent shooting game that has been attracting lots of gamers all over the world. Always remember that the main objective is to kill as many opponents as possible via using powerful weapons.