Top 10 Lightweight Games with highly entertaining Gameplay


Android and iOS are 2 of the most popular mobile OS on planet Earth, also a popular mobile gaming platform. Thanks to the tremendous growth in mobile technologies that has made today’s mobile devices capable of running graphic intensive programs. Our topic today will not cover those popular titles from large game companies such as FIFA, Assassin’s Creed, etc.

We’re going to list the top 10 lightweight games for Android and iOS. Let’s take a look our list down below for more details.

1. Angry Grant:

Angry Gran 2 is a pretty fun mobile game that helps you relax after hours of work, study or feeling stress. The game is based on an old lady with a sick appearance but hidden inside her is an incredible power. While playing the game, you will control this old lady, try to use different weapons and equipment to hit all enemies that you encounter on your way. Graphics in-game are light but no less lively, making the game more enjoyable.

The course steadily gets faster and the objects become more difficult to avoid. Collect coins as you run to boost your score. You can also collect a series of letters that spell out a word and give you a further boost.

There are a lot of Angry Gran out there on the Google Play Store. The one that we have here puts the angry granny on the streets. In this game, Angry Gran has to bash people in order to collect money and advance to the next levels. Try not to make her hit policemen though.

2. Cut the Rope 2:

If you’ve played Cut the Rope before, you should feel right at home with this second installment. In case you haven’t, you can still just jump right into Cut the Rope 2 and enjoy feeding candy to the frog by cutting ropes.

Cut The Rope 2 still about our main character, Om Nom who tries to get his candy. However, this timeyou will be introduced to many new colorful characters, we could call them as Normies. They are the key ingredients that help you get the Om Nom candies.The addition of the Normies to the title of the game can be considered a creative move by ZeptoLab, a game that is inherently or is far more diverse.

Each character has his or her own ability and your job is to use them wisely in order to achieve the goal. You would probably think with the help of those Normies, it would be a piece of cake to pass all stages but do not let this thought fool you as they can be very easy at first but in the end it be a lot tougher.

3. Speedy Ninja:

Speedy Ninja is an endless runner game on mobile devices that brings a lot of fun action and exciting role-playing elements! Use your dexterity and skill to overcome deadly obstacles and destroy menacing monsters on the run, in the air – even upside down as only a master Ninja can!

The game is based on the success of Ninja Must Die. Currently, Speedy Ninja has officially launched in countries around the world such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand.Build your experience to unlock awesome new characters, dragon mounts, and powerful weapons as you chase the high score on the leaderboard.

Players can choose from one of six characters from the Ninja clan, and each of them is unique in shape, color and story. Build your experience to unlock awesome new characters, dragon mounts, and powerful weapons as you chase the high score on the leaderboard.

4. Driving 2:

The Driving 2 is a racing game, but the opposite game completely. Instead of driving at dizzy speeds and crossing dangerous lines, Dr. Driving 2 gives the player a very slow and “safe” pace, the goal is to park the car in the right place and not cause an accident.

Dr. Driving 2 is instead all about safe driving and parking. It is surprisingly more fun than it sounds. You will be able to buy new cars with your coins by clearing each level to get your rewards. It’s a fun little game for those driving lovers out there who enjoy driving safe in GTA.

Dr. Driving 2 will take you to a brand new era of driving simulation together with stunning graphics, multi-stage levels and online multiplayer with real-time players.

5. Subway Surfers:

Playing this game, you will control a teenager boy (Jake) who loves to draw gravities in public. From the beginning of this game, Jake is being caught by a security guard while drawing gravities at the metro railway station, so he’s trying to escape from the guard and his dog.

This game has a catchy and vivid graphics that children will love to play at the first time. Like other endless running games, your mission is to run as fast as you can, passing all obstacles that blocking your way, try to get more coins as you can in order to unlock more new characters and new gadgets too and beware of an incoming train!!

In April of 2018 Subway Surfers became the first game on the Google Play Store to cross the one billion downloads threshold.

6. Game Dev Story:

Kairosoft is a game publisher that specializes in unique simulation games. Among them, the most prominent game is probably Game Dev Story, who plays the game’s game manager to create a blockbuster game of the century.

Game Dev Story is a simulation game where you play the head of a brand new game company. The game as such does not have a definite goal, but if you’re the head of a company, one would assume the goal is to make the company the best at what it does.

This game might be small but there are a lot of entertaining moments well packed inside. You only get 2 in-game years in the free version, but you can also buy the full version on the Play Store if you like it enough.

7. Joe Danger:

Joe Danger is the first game developed by Hello Games following side-scrolling game style combining with elements of racing and platform games.

The player controls the eponymous daredevil and navigates time-limited courses, aiming to complete enough objectives to continue to further rounds. With Joe Danger, player need to maintain their speed in order to perform awesome stunt tricks in a light-hearted way.

On its release, Joe Danger received generally positive reviews; most reviewers praised the accessible gameplay and the ability to edit courses while playing them. Joe Danger was estimated to have sold more than 108,000 units in the first 03 months after released,according to leaderboard statistics. It was nominated for several awards, including the grand prize at the 2010 Independent Games Festival.

8. Grand Prix Story 2:

Another game from the developer of Game Dev Story that we would like to introduce to you today is Grand Prix Story 2, a gamebased on old-school graphics. Grand Prix Story 2 lets you manage your own racing team. You’ll need to look for sponsors, giving your drivers necessary trainings, try to develop new cars together with customizing them – all in order to win the Grand Prix.

The game is part of the simulation, the player’s task is to build a team of racing and conquer the speed record.There is one true fact that each course has its own unique structures– you can’t win all the races by just using the same car! Remember to utilize parts suited to each track by giving your vehicle a customization and you’ll feel any race will be just piece of cake! Plus, you can upgrade both your cars and parts.

9. Knights of Pen and Paper 2:

Knights of Pen and Paper 2 is a turn-based strategy game which includes a long campaign, numerous discover-able dungeons, various knights, mages and monsters and the same pixel art as seen in the above two games.

The main attraction of this game is the combination between 16-bit graphics combined and the joyous sound that makes gamers recall classic age-old titles such as SNES, Gameboy, etc.

Knights of Pen and Paper 2 as a long-standing dish does not enjoy the look fun, interesting and attractive.

10. Stack:

Stack is a free mobile game for iOS and Android from Ketchapp and KCHLab. If you have ever been fascinated with building high-rise games on the basic phone, then it is unlikely to miss this game. Your task is to conquer the unstoppable challenge, touch the right time to stack as high as possible. With the brand new touch screen mechanism, you will not have to click and click to move anymore, everything is now depending on a timely touch of your time.

Stack is one of the simplest, yet one of the more challenging games you will ever play on Android. All you have to do is tap at the precise time so as to set each block on top of another. Test your response times and build a high score to compete with others around the world.

Summary/ Verdict:

From our top 10 Lightweight Games list above, most of the games is just under a 50MB in size, but they are still as much fun, if not more, than all those huge games. These games will therefore not consume your smartphone storage, or eat up your data each time the developer releases an update. What are you waiting for? Let’s give them a try and let us know which one is your favorite!