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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: Now This is An Endearing Farewell
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Now This is An Endearing Farewell

We keep coming up with these heart-wrenching farewells, don't we?

yours, 2lions






I started reading about page #31, so I've been lurking for a long time. I finally registered just to say that the NE better be back if you know whats good for you, just sayin.


I will just make the assumption that the 2nd chat box in the 2nd panel is meant to say many instead of any


Nooooo! The poor elf, dont let her go!

She was cruicial for saving all tauren, she is a hero! Give her at least a harem of pet-cows (there must be tons of widows in thunderbluff) and a green ard for all of whats left of the milknations...

awesome comic.... will you ever publish it in print as well? Or add a donation-button? i really would like to pay a bit for this brilliant work.


Poor Elfie. :/

(btw, I've noticed a couple of webcomics asking me to not adblock on their sites as it can lower income slightly. So I'm asking those with comment sections if you'd like me to do so with yours.)


Int the 1st page there is a missing M on any losses.

Doc Lithius

Hnnnnn right in the feels.


It wouldn't have worked out anyways. I mean, think of the offspring.


She should stay with milk nation. She is a hero after all.


Threesome book for young hipster elves?!


I've just noticed it, but the Nelf has amber eyes, even tough she's a hunter. (Eyecolor is tied with magical/mystical skills, this is why most males have amber eyes, who tend to be the druids/magic users while females have silver eyes because they tend to be the warriors/huntresses)
Also I have no idea how long a Night Elf lives, since they were immortal for 10k years. So she might see the Cow's grandchildren1s grandshilder grow old while she'll look quite the same. (Maybe)

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