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Now You Pay!

It seems like I'm writing less and less in this comic and leaving more up to the artist to keep the action going. I'm loving this minimalistic approach.

Then again, if you want to read more of my writing, as I told you, head over to http://www.urosjojic.me for some dark humor, inane philosophy and general silliness.

yours, 2lions




Haha, stupid yeti.


So.. the tauren is going all Anakin Skywalker on those Yeti's?


orc heads...huh... i think the taurent is making a huge mistake.

i think the orcs killed the liones and the yeti killed does orcs for that.


Why do I have a feeling after he slaughters all the yeti - their babies/children will show up all sad like.
Then 2 ways from there:
1) kill em all
2) leave and start a series of depressed emotions/questioning himself ect...


Or he can have a hamburger? I'd have a hamburger.


He will kill them all! WF totem and pew, pew, pew.




and here we are
the END of me lookin at this comic, it's ruined for me. the last two, maybe three comics you have advertised on your little note you leave us. and even admit that you enjoy no writing.
this comic has DIED. all it does is repeat. I'm sorry for this artist, he does AMAZING work, but for a comic artist, he needs to have a story to draw to or it's just drawing on a webpage. goodbye teh glads, I'm sorry you have been reduced to THIS.


'' I don't accept Credit Cards ! ''

Doc Lithius

Wait a minute. I recognize this place.

This isn't the Stonetalon Mountains. Somehow, that tauren ended up in Dun Morogh! That yeti cave is my favorite place in all of Dun Morogh! I'd recognize it anywhere! :D

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